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    “I got a decent amount of this from a friend who had decided to grow some Plushberry. It's a cross of Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen, neither of which I've ever tried, but it's a pretty great combination. I was wrecked after a few hits. It has a sort of a fresh violet smell. It's pleasant, but it's not overly sweet like a blueberry strain or a Super Lemon Haze. It has that kind of smell that somebody wouldn't immed...”

  • “I bought this for my wife's hip pain. She wanted to get off of opiates for pain. As it turns out she really prefers edibles. For me this strain is great for a good nights sleep. I rarely remember having a dream. But with this strain I sleep well and wake up relaxed and remember having happy dreams. I just retired and am rediscovering the overwhelming benefits of smoking marijuana. What a wonderful life it is to be ...”

  • “Beautiful color and frosty nugs. Smell is definitely sweet berries. This was flavorful, smooth, and felt really good. I prefer less of an uplifting high and more of a couch-lock that can lead to sleep. This is personal preference, this is GOOD BUD!”

  • “I'm not usually an Indica Gal, but Plushberry made a convert out of me. It tastes delicious, like sweet blackberries or citrus. Aside from the lovely taste, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the effects! It gets me from braindead to deeply involved in a stimulating intellectual conversation within 2-3 hits. My roommates and I have been smoking this lately and I've discovered their views on reincarnation, on intimacy ("what does ...”

  • “Having a sister that grows a number of different strains is nice. This one has been great. I have had problems with paranoid episodes that can completely ruin my highs so it has been somewhat of a chore finding what sits well with me. I am slowing breaking into being able to smoke more kinds and plushberry was one of the first. I was able to smoke this over a year ago now and found it very forgiving and pleasant in s...”

  • “OMG This smells so much like "Grape Skittles" I'm in love cause I love Skittles....”

  • “Great med. monsoon season in AZ is a killer for me. I experience on average 3-4 migraines a week this time of the year depending on how many storms roll in. This immediately took tension away from the shoulders, headache tension in the neck and lower head were next .... Helped the aurora around the rest of my head settle down as well. Be careful during day time to not go too overboard it can be a heavy hitter. Day ti...”

  • “Initial impression: I went back to my usual watering hole at Medicine Man Medical Market in Glendale, CO. I was happily informed that there are new strains that were just delivered; like that of "Plushberry, Juicy Fruit, Mob Boss" and a few others. I happily took a gram of all except Mob Boss. My initial impression of Plushberry was welcomed. It smelled great, looked great and caused me to be excited to try a new Ind...”