Popcorn Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Took me by surprise with the name and what a name it deserves! It smells just like popcorn! I love how soft and fluffy it is just like popcorn! This strain easily jumped up to my top five and it needs more publicity! They should sell this at movies in giant buckets! A little hash butter and you have a master piece!”

  • “Name: POPCORN KUSH (exclusive) Dispensary: Holistic Pain Management Institute (HPMI) Grade: A- Type: Indica (close to 100% Indica) Lineage: n/a Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $350/ ounce Looks: Dense and chunky; light green with red-orange hairs. As the bud is broken up, kief will fall everywhere! Caked in trichomes. Smell: Buttered Popcorn! This stuff is no joke when it comes to the ...”

  • “Behold, the famed "Popcorn Kush" picked up from HPMI. At first glance it looks pretty nice..light green and frosty. But the smell, it's pure savory. Buttered popcorn is all that comes to mind. almost 100% indica too, so prepare for the couchlock! will pick this strain up again!”

  • “Producer: Hank's Danks Props! Just had a nice dance with this here lass. We went all over the place quenching our curiosities. I wrote her a two page rambling research love letter in what felt like minutes. I think I love her.”

  • “all this strain did was make me sleep and get the munchies, which I love..but way too strong for me!”

  • “this strain help me sleep and eat but it also help get married”

  • “hella bomb”

  • “This is the strain that I predominantly smoke. It has helped with my PTSD and the subsequent underlying conditions. It is one of the more subtle indicas that I've smoked, as I still had energy to go out and accomplish tasks. I also slept really well.”