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Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Excellent choice for ADHD management. Higher THC levels than the average bud (21.6%), so you don't need much. This one does a great job of clearing a foggy head, zapping anxiety, and allowing you to be as mindful and present as you want to be. Also, I have poor circulation, and one hit of this strain every few hours keeps my fingers and toes toasty warm”

  • “that off your ass high”

  • “Never tried this strain before and I'm smoking it right now. first off this is some of the loudest weed I've ever smelled, dealer came thru and I instantly smelled the weed on him from 5 feet away. it gives off a earthy, sweet, and spicy smell, the bud is very dense with alot of crystals and vibrant colour. and second this makes you feel relaxed af with a little couchlock too but not enough to where you couldn't ge...”

  • “This is hands-down the best strain I've encountered for my insomnia. It disorders my thoughts in such a pleasant, floaty way that I can tell my mind to shut the heck up, take its hands off the wheel, and go with the flow. It also relaxes my body very nicely and relieves aches and pains. With other strains I've occasionally been pestered by anxious thoughts, but Presidential OG consistently makes me feel like a warm, ...”

  • “Leafly is very accurate when it comes to what Presidential OG is good for. It's a heavy indica that instantly hits your lower body, as well as your head. I wouldn't call it pressure, but you do feel a slight heaviness on your face. Smoking this strain at night will put you in a relaxed and calm state that would be perfect right before sleep. It is simply one of the very few best strains for insomnia. Smoking during...”

  • “jackpot seaweed make a cartridge concentrate. I bought mine at Mari J's in Everett it was like $45 and a Vuber Vaporizer for 2”

  • “This strain is particularly helpful if you are distressed about having a low libido.”

  • “I loved this. One of my absolute favorites. Beware! I got lost at school. I ddidnt know where to go since its strong but great.Spent 45 minutes walking around. Haha consume with responsibility.”