Purple Bud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “easy growing , did it outside , without products , it coloured to purple”

  • “Good smoking experience, the effect is very uplifting and euphoric then turns to a more body stone effect. This strain is very productive as well and easy to grow.”

  • “Indica dominant Strain with a relaxing effect”

  • “Smells Good when growing, long lasting high. Didin't went to purple in 3 attempts.”

  • “nice and easy growth , nice buds , not yet smoked it”

  • “Beautiful indica strain good value = good stuff”

  • “Definitely a new found favorite, don't actually see "the purple" but dispensaries don't lie. (Do they?) You'll know when you've smoked this strain the first hit you take, not saying you're going to get stoned but definitely changes your head w/1 bong hit, nice body Buzz to go with it and long-lasting.”

  • “Growed it outdoor, one of the plant's leaves went all purple but the buds stayed greens. Highly resinous strain, it has a strong pine wood taste. Stoning effect, perfect for bedtime.”