Purple Chemdawg Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is by far 1 of my favorites. I love everything about it. The potency, look, smell, taste. Did I mention this strain took 1st place indica at the Hightimes Cannabis Cup. From the dispensary @ SouthCoast CareGivers, #1 in Massachusetts. They ARE THE BEST!!! So grab some Purple Chem for a weekend of rest & relaxation. ♡♡♡&Peace....”

  • “Been smoking on this for months . Super body high. Super couch lock. Chem and kush flavor. Just fire.”

  • “It looks better than it smokes. My strain was covered in crystals, medium sized buds, with heavy purple tones. Looked amazing but the high was kind of short and spacy - rating 7 out of 10”

  • “can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this strain. Very relaxing, great body high and just enough head high to keep you spacey. I've been sick for a couple weeks and this shit has made me almost forget I was after. Helped my achy neck and back as well as nausea”

  • “Wow!!! This was the best strain I've had the opportunity to smoke in years. I haven't had such a strong indica in a long time and this strain almost had analgesic properties to it. It smells like grape juicy zebra stripe gum flavor and heaven. Admirable strain 9.8/10”

  • “Wooof, Wooof, Woof! The purple chemdawg barks is as bad as it's bite. This wondeful medicine helped my MS forget what it usually does to me (read: kick my ass) This medicine has the holy trifecta to help treat my MS - pain, stress and anxiety. A wonderful medley of sweet flavored flowers, the chemdawg is definitely atomic. The medicine lasted about 3 hours once vaporized.”

  • “It's a pretty good strain.I'm an indica lover, and although this is indica it feels more sativa like to me. I've never tried GDP but I can def feel the Chemdawg in it.”

  • “This one's a creeper. Relaxed and euphoric, a nice way to wind down a few hours before bed. Good for creative activities as well as enjoying comics, movies, music etc. Typical high starts out fun and has a smooth transition to relaxation with little side effects even for those (me) who are sensitive to paranoia prone strains.”