Purple Goo Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Got this strain because I was smoking a lot of sativas to get rid of head aches and boy I proved to myself once again by doing that that I do not recommend sativas for any type of physical pain, such as head aches yes even head aches. SO The purple goo looks fibrous and dense but is actually a pretty light flower with good orange color hairs and not so crystaly. so the high was long and it hit you quick all m...”

  • “Talk about some sticky-icky! Nice full buds with fruity undertones and hints of pine. Great cerebral high accompanied by a nice relaxing body high with a mellow euphoria as the kicker. Would highly recommend for both pain and pleasure.”

  • “If your looking to unwind and rid pain this is your strain! Purple Goo was a spontaneous buy last time I went into the dispensary and I was very pleased with my purchase! I personally prefer Sativa's but it's always nice to unwind with a nice Indica after a long day and melt into the couch! Smell, Tastes, and looks? 8/10 - High? 9/10 so overall i give it an 8.5/10. Would recommend medicinally for Insomnia, Stress, an...”

  • “I had Purple Jah Goo so I don't know how different it is from Purple Goo. THE FLAVOR was amazing it tastes exactly like a purple jolly rancher. It is a nice thick but cool and smooth smoke. However, it isn't very strong. It is good for relaxation and it has excellent flavor but won't get you super stoned.”

  • “A very strong strain, with sweet smell and soft smoke. It is veryuplifting and euphoric. The buzz lasts for a very long time, and is a mixture of body high and head high, almost has a bit of mushroom-like effect. Very good choice for partying and social interaction, as well as meditation and spirituality.”

  • “Wonderful strain to exploit all its properties while working heavy labor either at work or in the yard.”

  • “I have smoked very many strains but Purple goo by far is the most potent strain I have ever consumed. Purple Goo is definitely for the experienced smoker, although it is an indica it will definitely alter the mind. Great Strain!”

  • “Sticky goodness I love this strain”