Purple Nepal Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “~Casual Smoker~ An excellent indica, delivering a pious attitude and rightfully so. Opening a jar will deliver a fruit loops cereal scent lighting your eyes with her glistening frost complementing the healthy purple throughout. I rolled mine in a king size juicy jay, cake flavored paper. This provided me with a grape pixi stix flavor which is so gentle on the in hale.. Onset approx 7 min. Deep body high, leaving ...”

  • “From various reviews, was not in a hurry for this purchase. But after seeing a great donation at $40 a 1/4 oz., I quickly rushed the chance to get a little tasty! Was not disappointed at all! My cut was very purple, with a green dash of wonderful. Sweet and earthy grape and better than I imagined. Happy and relaxed, music's great on a Friday night. My girlfriend won't stop bugging me for another hit, LOL! So, overal...”

  • “This review is for Nepalese Kush from a company called Mindful. The parents are a Nepalese landrace and Hindu Kush. It's basically a pure indica that's substantial, relaxing, but not as heavy a some indicas. It's more like a cozy balance between mind and body. Deep, smooth and somewhat thoughtful. Excellent.”

  • “This nug is really great for couch slackers. It gets you 'stuck on stupid'. Love that! By far one of my favorites!”

  • “Smaller buds than I hoped I would get, but the purple tinges of color and the crystals coating the outside were noticeable and emitted a sweet aroma. The flavor was sweet as well with a grape or berry flavor, earthy hints too. It was smooth from the inhale to exhale. The high was perfect for unwinding and relaxing during the evening with relaxing the muscles and unwinding the mind, but it's not enough for getting to ...”

  • “This is a great strain, as mentioned here, for relaxing after a long day of work or a relaxing weekend. For my applications, I will typically medicate with Purple Nepal first, get the mind and body relaxed, then have something like Querkle or GDP to ensure I will actually have a restful sleep. Perhaps if someone is still a modest smoker this may actually give you a 2-3 afterrnoon nap, but more seasoned patients may...”

  • “Purple Nepal is a great late-night sleep med with few negatives for that purpose. Daytime use will slow you down a bit. Also good for muscle tension.”

  • “Sampled this strain directly from a local grower's crop in Colorado. Aside from Purple Nepal's well-known effects, I would say this strain will give you slightly hot ears and an inability to speak in your normal speaking voice. 4 Stars.”