Rainbow Jones Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Aroma of this strain is amazing. Almost like a citrus cream. Taste definitely lives up to the smell. Very fruity tasting. Defiantly an expander of the lungs. I know its an Indica, but Rainbow Jones sure does feel more like a Hybrid. Defiantly a fan and Recommend!”

  • “I have been growing Rainbow Jones for around 3 years. I have 2 Phenos in my garden...there is a 3rd that I've had in the past. One of the Phenos I have smells like grape Popsicles when vegging, then takes more of a sour grape candy....the other pheno is more Casey Jones leaning and has more of a fuel/grapey smell. They both yield very well, the 3rd pheno has more of a grape Windex kind of taste and smell. It's more o...”

  • “it was a very good strain. I had Blue Dream and Rainbow Jones. I felt like Rainbow Jones took me to another level. Recommend to het it if available!”

  • “Very sticky and great scent, smooth and beautifully colored.”

  • “Great But Name Needs To B Changed To. Grandaddy Jones”