Rare Dankness #1 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “By far My Favorite Night Time Medicine. The bud is almost too beautiful to smoke, Super Stinky, Super Tasy, LONG lasting High. If you try this incredible flower make sure you are near a comfy couch and clear your schedule.”

  • “💜..Lovin' this Danky InDaCouch nighty-night strain..She's a Creeeper, Blasting the f'n chronic Pain, Anxiety, Inflamation and PTSD! Very UP Happy-Go -Lucky Silly Weed. MAJOR MUNCHIES............................................... "EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL" soo Mellow & Kick-back. Taste the deep and rich, "Foresty" Stone!.. very Playful, Touchy, Mellow, Giggly, Fun, Sensual. oh Laughter Alert!!.. Then😴😪, Sweet...”

  • “WOW. Feel like I've been missing out after smoking my first bowl of this. Body high is amazing-my joint pain is gone and I'm very relaxed. I like that I feel present & alert but get such a nice feeling all over. This was like a good hug. My Budtender is the true MVP for suggesting this strain today.”

  • “Not a big Indica fan, more of a Sativa girl myself but this bud is super nice. Loved the taste, burned nice, and totally helped me with muscle stiffness and pain. Liked that the high was not too 'heavy' and that I still felt energetic enough after smoking to get things done. Good puff for da pain!”

  • “Ordered this strain through Escarpment Wellness and could not be happier. Amazing high, taste and aroma, worth the money if you want to spend it. You won't be disappointed”

  • “smoking this right now...gotta say this is sedating the bear LoL.....sum fire forsure....so hungry I'm not even hungry....??Hu???? FADED.....STAY MEDICATED”

  • “Tastes like fruity pebbles and hits like Bam Bam!”

  • “very nice strain. insta high. looks like sugar is covering the bud it looks frosty and nice. I buy from 4 places. sunflower is best quality. Emeralds and kind meds has cool helpful people.”