Rockstar Master Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Beautiful bright green buds. Strong smell when fresh. Not too dense or too leafy. High peaks quick with prolonged functional high. Strong but not too strong of a high. Mellow and social. Goes good with wine. Little to no paranoia. Great bud!”

  • “I wish I could add a half star, it is better than 4. EXCELLENT FOR PAIN. Strong sensual body buzz, warm water moving against my skin was thrilling. 1/2 way in, wanted to get into music, with closed-eye visuals. Next day: pretty bad pain day. After supper medicated with this and started to feel better almost immediately. I still had to take the anti-inflammatory, but I could put it off until closer to bedtime. Sav...”

  • “Definitely some good shittttt!!”

  • “great for spastacity”

  • “Amazing strain, it has a beautiful after taste that sits on your tongue, a mellow long lasting high that doest make u feel like your days over after smoking! Goes well with breakfast!!!”

  • “Very nice smoke, surprisingly didn't put me in the couch! I was able to energetically carry on with my day and took the crazies away!! :)”

  • “I might have only been excited and hyper when I smoked this because playing Basketball had my blood pumping. But after I was in I Just Wanna Go To Sleep Mode”

  • “Good bud just not super strong if you are looking for a good high this is one to try.”