Rockstar Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “"Rockstar", is indeed one of my "Favorite strains", she climbs up on you, very quickly and you feel a body buzz and head high and she's definitely strong enough to relieve my pain in my muscles, joints..nerves..I'm dealing with a number of Chronic Health Conditions..Fibromyalgia..Osteoarthritis.”

  • “Slight paranoia when you get a little /too/ high, but used as directed, it's a pretty awesome strain for getting through your work day with a skip and a smile. Bonus pot for artists. Definitely not a sleepy weed. Sex is also great on this one, though I can't say it made me more aroused beforehand, specifically. I give it a 10, because I love it, and I'd get it again in a second.”

  • “Gets you FUCKED.”

  • “Super good strain, gets you stoned quickly and is the most relaxing strain I have ever had. 9/10”

  • “Extremely dense, with a definite flavor of grapes, the buds of this strain have a high potency. One hit and Rockstar can have you singing like Dee Snyder's and Pat Benatar's illegitimate love child. Contains a bit of an earthy flavor as well. I recommend this one for sure. Hit it with your best shot, cause, we're not gonna take it!”

  • “What a ridiculously heavy high. Weighed me right down to my couch and numbed my mind to the point where I wasn't very functional. This strain is best enjoyed in a relaxing setting where you are not expected to do anything. Incredibly potent.”

  • “The more you smoke the more you feel like a rockstar. The best thing about this strain is that you do not feel a burnout unless your hitting constant 5 min bowls you'll be knocked out. You do not get tired from this but you will be lifted”

  • “Vaped a small bowl in my Silver Surfer and it obliterated my back pain (I have "mild" scoliosis). I am a daily vaper with a HIGH tolerance, usually I would need several bowls to feel effects even from the highest THC/CBD flower or shatter. With Rockstar a little goes a long way for me and I like the uplifting cerebral high. #2221”