Terminator OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Got some Terminator OG concentrate, this stuff is so bomb, it smells and tastes amazing and the high literally terminates you lol. It's a very strong indica, definitely a hard creep couch lock high. Great for pain, spasms and insomnia, a must try for any indica lovers. Stuff tested at 89.88% THC too!”

  • “Terminator is a very strong, pure indica. Rare on the street. High quality. Great night smoke. If you are not a heavy smoker you must respect this strain.”

  • “Wow it's what it says & then some. My body's really really relaxed”

  • “I fuckin love this strain already, especially after a week and a half long tolerance break... I only took a few hits froma grav bong and felt the effects within 3 minutes...I felt that out of body sensation, and was super creative and happy 20 more minutes in. Then it slowly ends with a great couchlock body buzz.”

  • “Terminator is one of my favorites. This batch is a heavy hitter with a loud skunk OG smell and flavor...really good, after a few puffs had to put it down and I smoke daily.”

  • “Love the high feeling just super chill but I'd have something to drink waiting on the side”

  • “I got some Terminator on a $6/gram special and I scored! Mine tested at 25.82% THC and .08% CBD. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger this strain is strong! I'm feeling the effects after only a few hits and I have a high tolerance / blaze every day, so... :) The only reason I don't give Terminator 5 stars is that the flavor in the particular batch I got is mild, and perhaps that's why it was on special for $6/gram. W...”