Vader OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Have had this DAMN STRONG Indica in flower and concentrate and I love it way too much, this is like a knock you out sleeper, imagine Darth Vader from "Rouge One" that fearsome badass, well that's exactly how this bud is! It's a must try and needs to be used for people who have horrible pain or sleep issues, it also works on alot of other things. If and when you get this in concentrate....START SMALL! Build up my frie...”

  • “Heavy, long-lasting, and euphoric effects. I got this strain in a concentrate and it's better than some of the Indica concentrate strains I've had but I wouldn't say it's the best.”

  • “had this after two other strains with brian, first time meeting”

  • “Sleepy❤💚❤”

  • “Strong Indica Thick Haze, (sith), but seriously good for pain”

  • “high quality indica; not only a very piney taste with an earthy undertone but also rich and smooth. Good for sleeping and chilling out”

  • “In my opinion one of the best tasting strains available. In fact I am watching vaders videos to see how I can get it in seed form . If you see it buy it. Most flavor in a strain since the 94 northern lights when I grew up. Period.🤘✌️🙏🌱🌧☀”

  • “Oh man, this one was dusted with white terpenes that relaxed my injuries quickly!”