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Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love this strain!! I got an awesome batch a few day ago from a delivery service in Phoenix. The smell is out of this world. Good taste and great appearance. Doesn't make me too sleepy but helps me relax and unwind. A must try.”

  • “Perfect night time strain. Nice and smooth and relaxing. Stress just floats away. My props to the grower on that one!”

  • “Just 2 hits in and ya feel it.......relaxes me too”

  • “One of my favorite OG's. Had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Flavor is amazing. Like that skywalker taste”

  • “Yoda OG is one of my favorite strains. Just like the description declares, it is good for anxiety and insomnia, and a little goes a long way. High quality YODA OG has a slightly tangy finish and does not generally have the negative side effects of some strong INDICA strains (excessive dry mouth and dry eyes with some). The only downside I have discovered is all YODAs are not the same. LOOK at the buds before you buy-...”

  • “Lineage: OG Kush Strain "Smoke this strain you must," says Yoda. One of the most indica heavy OG crosses, Yoda OG is not for the faint of heart (or those who are on the dark side). Expect the classic OG flavor profile with a pungent punch of citrus on the nose. On the tongue, this bud tastes similar to the swamps of Dagobah with an earthy woody flavor that is wonderfully pungent. Yoda's high is a happy relaxed high t...”

  • “I absloutly love this strain. Im thinkn Jedi but yoda is all that i seen up in the list. But, for people w back injuries and have muscle spasms all over this is a good heady bud that even reaches all the way down my back. Kind Love is the only place too find for me so far plus just superior buds. dont waste any more gas and go to Kind Love of Colorado my friends. Peace and love to all”

  • “Really really good but beware of the couch lock if you take too much :)”