Licensed facility

A cultivation or manufacturing space for a cannabis company that holds a license to operate in that state’s medical or recreational cannabis industry. Each state and county has the power to determine requirements for cannabis licenses.   

“You must have a licensed facility in order to legally cultivate cannabis.”

What is a licensed facility?

Legal cannabis operators must comply with legislation and regulations as decided by the state and local county in which the operator runs their business. A license represents a commitment to laws and regulations, and licensed facilities must comply with seed-to-sale tracking, transparent lab testing, and taxation.

Unlicensed facilities are breaking state laws by operating, and the greatest danger they pose is creating products that are not tested and approved. Products purchased from unlicensed facilities may contain pesticides, molds, microbials, solvents, and other hazardous materials. Always buy products from licensed facilities operating in the legal cannabis market.

Licenses exist for every step of the cannabis production and supply chain, and each state varies in the number and types of licenses it issues. Licenses are specific to each state; if a company operates in multiple states, it needs to get a separate license for each state.