Live rosin

Critical Concentrates ‘live rosin’ in a jar has a white color and batter consistency and comes from fresh frozen flower and solventless extraction. Potent. Hyper-flavorful. Pure plant resin. (Photo by Jimi Devine for Leafly)
Live rosin from Critical Concentrates, with a batter-like consistency. (Jimi Devine for Leafly)

Live rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate made from fresh-frozen cannabis plants. Frozen plants are placed in a rosin press, which uses heat and pressure to extract a hot oil from the plants, which is rosin. The “live” in live rosin means frozen plants were used as the source material; when dried cannabis plant material is used, it is just rosin.

Live rosin vs. live resin

The term “live” means that fresh-frozen cannabis plants were used to make an extraction. Frozen plants can be used to make both a rosin or a resin, giving them the names “live rosin” and “live resin.” Simple rosins and resins are made with dry cannabis plant material.

Live rosin and rosin are both solventless extracts made using a rosin press, where heated plates press nugs to extract a hot oil. Live rosin and rosin are both consumed in a dab rig, and both are made by hand, typically making them more expensive than live resin.

Live resin is a solvent extraction, created using chemicals such as butane in a closed-loop system. Live resin is usually less expensive than live rosin or rosin.

‘Fresh press’ vs ‘cold cure’

Two more terms you will hear about live rosin are the types fresh press, and cold cure. Fresh press live rosin is freshly pressed. Cold cure live rosin is pressed, then allowed to age in a freezer aka cold cure. Cold cure is more stable at room temperature than fresh press—meaning cold cure is less liable to change color, consistency, and taste. Always keep fresh press and cold cure live rosin cold to savor every terp.