Terp pearls

Small balls made of borosilicate, quartz, or other materials that are placed in a banger to aid in dabbing. Also called “banger beads” or “dab beads,” terp pearls spin around the bottom of the banger when dabbing to distribute concentrate and heat evenly, providing consistent dabs and helping to maximize flavor. 

“I always use terp pearls for low-temp dabbing.”

How to use terp pearls

Some terp pearls are made with materials that can withstand high heat, some not. Be sure to know how much heat a pearl can take before you buy it. 

For those that can withstand high heat, drop one or several terp pearls in a cold banger and heat the banger to the desired temperature. When the banger is ready, place concentrate in the banger and cover with a carb cap. As you draw in vapor, the terp pearls will spin around the bottom of the banger. Without the carb cap, the pearls won’t spin around. 

If your terp pearls are made of a material that can’t withstand high heat, you’ll have to heat the banger by itself first, then drop in the beads, and then the concentrate.

Benefits of terp pearls

Proper temperature and heat distribution are crucial to the dabbing experience. There might be a learning curve to using terp pearls, but once you get the process down, they are a great tool to get the most out of your dabs. 

Without terp pearls, concentrate can pool up in a corner of a banger. The beads will evenly distribute concentrate over the entire surface of the banger, and will also distribute heat more evenly, so the concentrate will vaporize more evenly.

This also makes for bigger clouds of smoke and more flavor, as more terpenes are vaporized at once—hence, “terp pearls.” Also, for anyone who has used them, they are fun to use and watch.