A heat source used for dabbing. Torches are used to heat the nail of a dab rig to high temperatures so cannabis concentrate can be flash vaporized. Torches often use butane or propane as fuel and are refillable.

“The annoying thing with torches is you always need butane.”

“I stole my girlfriend’s crème brûlée torch for dabbing.”

How to use a torch

Most torches are easy to use—just turn on the gas and push the ignitor. Once on, direct the torch at your banger or nail, and heat it until it is red hot. Turn off the torch and let the nail cool for about 45 seconds for quartz, or 10 seconds for titanium. When cool, add concentrate.

Keep in mind that all nails and rigs are different, and it will take some practice to figure out the correct amount of time to heat your specific nail. Be careful when using torches and dabbing, as pieces will get extremely hot. 

What is a cold start dab?

A cold start dab is when cannabis concentrate is placed in the nail or banger before it is heated with a torch. This is a great method for low-temp dabbing, which can preserve terpenes and flavors, and it also gives the consumer more control over temperature. You’ll also get more life out of your nail because you won’t be heating it to such extreme temperatures.