Trim run

A batch of cannabis concentrate made using trim, or sugar leaves and other plant material that’s cut off during the trimming stage, after harvesting. Trim runs, like nug runs, can be done using either dry, wet, or fresh frozen trim. Because trim is cheaper than flower, extracts made from trim runs tend to be a lot less expensive.

“To get the most out of my harvests I sell my trim to hashmakers for trim runs.”

What is a trim run?

When cannabis is harvested, buds are trimmed, which involves cutting off sugar and fan leaves. Sugar leaves are the small, trichome-rich leaves that buds grow around, and fan leaves are the large leaves with little to no trichomes. After trimmed off, the resulting material is called “trim.”

Trim is harsh and not great to smoke, so it is often used to make extracts. Extracts made with trim are called “trim runs,” as opposed to “nug runs,” which are made from only nugs. Trim runs are a lot cheaper than nug runs.

Both sugar and fan leaves are often included in trim runs, but not buds. Trim can be wet or dry when doing a trim run, and wet trim can also be frozen and stored for later to make live resins. 

Generally, there are four ways to group extracts according to source material: 

  • Nug run (100% flower)
  • Trim run (100% trim)
  • Unlabeled (combination of trim and flower)
  • Hemp