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Are Dabs Bad for You? Side Effects of Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

The Dab Lab logo Presented By The Dab Lab July 29, 2016

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Cannabis concentrates have come under scrutiny over the past few years, mainly due to their rapid increase in popularity among enthusiasts. What was once a relatively unknown niche in an ever-growing legal market has since become a cultural phenomenon, generating an entire subculture in its wake. Many believe that concentrates will soon surpass the sales volume of traditional cannabis flower marketwide.

Compare Cannabis Concentrates

Unfortunately, the mainstream media has taken a click-bait approach to coverage of dabbing, focusing less on discussion of the practice and far more on hysterical descriptions of its alleged dangers. Some outlets have gone so far as to deem dabs “the crack of marijuana.” Yet even with dozens of articles addressing the topic, the question of whether dabbing is safe has yet to be answered in full.

Are Dabs Dangerous or Safe?

Are Dabs Bad for You? Side Effects of Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

“Dabbing” is used as a catchall term to refer to the practice of melting a cannabis concentrate over a heat source and inhaling the subsequent vapor. The question of its safety can be broken down and answered by addressing five major misconceptions.

The first misconception is the most frustrating, because it confuses the dangers of illegal amateur extraction with the dangers of extracts themselves. Cannabis extracts that are manufactured with light hydrocarbons such as butane or propane require the use of closed-loop systems and extreme safety measures. Manufacturing concentrates illegally by resorting to the use of open-source extraction techniques (i.e. “open blasting”) is highly dangerous and potentially lethal.

What is Dabbing and How Do Dabs Work?

The fact that amateurs have attempted to undertake this process at home has resulted in explosions, serious injury, and occasionally death. This has led to news articles stigmatizing this entire culture, with headlines such as “Dabbing: A New Explosive Trend.” Professionally made concentrates are neither explosive nor lethal, and there is never an excuse for extracts to be made otherwise.

The second misconception with dabbing is that the practice necessitates dangerous tools, most notably blow torches. There are numerous ways to heat a dab, including e-nails, which omit the necessity of using a torch and help prevent injury.

That said, when using a standard nail (one of the most popular surfaces to dab on), a torch is generally used to heat the nail. Torches do require a degree of mindfulness and can be mildly dangerous if used irresponsibly. However, any person who is capable of using a cooking stove should be able to use a torch without harming themselves. Hot nails can cause burns, but the same can be said of any stovetop burner in a kitchen. In this way, torches and nails are no more or less dangerous than cooking dinner.

Are Some Cannabis Concentrates Safer Than Others?

Are Dabs Bad for You? Side Effects of Dabbing

Image Source: Black Rock Originals

The third misconception lies in the idea that all concentrates are created equal. “Dabs,” an umbrella term for all cannabis concentrates, can refer to a number of cannabis-derived substances that have been mechanically separated (such as kief or dry sift, cold water hash, and rosin), as well as cannabis extracts, which use a chemical solvent (such as butane, propane, CO2, or even ethanol winterization) to strip active biomolecules and essential oils from cannabis.

In short, not all concentrates are extracts, and not all extracts contain meaningful amounts of potentially dangerous chemicals. To understand dabbing safety, it’s essential to recognize that the only concentrates that pose a health threat are those that not only employ chemicals for the purpose of extraction, but that also retain high levels of those chemical compounds when the extraction process is complete. Generally speaking, the only concentrates that fall into this category are those that are made cheaply, improperly, or by amateur extractors.

Are Dabs Bad for You and Your Physical Health?

Are Dabs Bad for You? Side Effects of Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

The fourth misconception surrounding dabbing revolves around the safety of inhaling the vapor from the cannabis concentrates themselves. The question of whether or not dabs are harmful to one’s health has been heavily scrutinized, yet it’s still frustratingly difficult for newcomers to find accurate information.

In order to address concerns like “is dabbing bad for my lungs” or “is dabbing bad for my brain,” a few things must be noted. First and foremost, all concentrates contain cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These have never been proven to negatively impact brain or lung function in adult consumers.

Will New Technology Make Dabbing Approachable to Older Generations?

In addition to these three components, some concentrates also contain a very low (below about 500 PPM) concentration of residual hydrocarbons (depending on the extraction method). According to states including Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, concentrate testing below this threshold for residual hydrocarbon content are deemed safe for consumption. While the number 500 might sound worrisome out of context, to put the safety concerns of 500 PPM into perspective, your lungs receive about that much butane when lighting a joint with a butane lighter.

Furthermore, states that permit the sale of recreational cannabis concentrates require lab analyses for every product sold through a legal vendor, and anything showing up in a lab test containing other foreign contaminants is rejected for sale. Dabbing is safe so long as you are buying a concentrate that has been tested clean and that comes from a reputable licensed vendor.

How Much Stronger are Cannabis Concentrates Than Flower?

Are Dabs Bad for You? Side Effects of Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

The final concern around dabbing is that concentrates are significantly stronger than cannabis flowers. This is absolutely true. Alleviating this concern is as easy as understanding that inexperienced dabbers should dose much smaller amounts when trying concentrates for the first time; cannabis concentrates are to dry herb as hard liquor is to beer.

That said, the side effects of dabbing overconsumption are far less dire than those linked to overconsumption of hard alcohol. In fact, they’re not so different from the effects of eating too much sugar—lethargy and mild nausea, occasionally accompanied by a brief period of paranoia.

5 Differences Between Cannabis Concentrates and Flower

Proper dosing can be a little tricky due to the high THC density of concentrates, but consulting with your budtender or an experienced dabber beforehand can help avoid the undesirable experience of consuming too much.

How to Dab Safely

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while dabbing cannabis concentrates, take note of the following dabbing tips:

  • Avoid low-quality products. Only purchase lab-tested cannabis concentrates from reputable sources, and ask your budtender about testing results and recommendations.
  • Learn to use a dab rig properly. This includes understanding the tools involved, being mindful of heating devices and hot surfaces, and investing in a dab rig you feel comfortable with.
  • Never attempt to perform chemical extraction at home. If you’re interested in experimenting with concentrates safely, try making your own rosin.
  • Dose your concentrates responsibly. Start with less: A tiny dab can be much stronger than a full bowl of flower. The good news with dabs: You don’t have to consume as much to feel the same effects!

How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

  • Dzign&prosper

    “While the number 500 might sound worrisome out of context, to put the
    safety concerns of 500 PPM into perspective, your lungs receive about
    that much butane when lighting a joint with a butane lighter.”

    I’m trying to find data on the use of butane torches and the fumes coming off them while heating the nail. Do these fumes affect a person?

    • D Bobs TJr

      No they are referring to residual butane in the dabs themselves

  • Zach

    This article completed disregards the fact that the heat of the vapor is what will damage your respiratory system. There is no doubt in my mind that I’m causing stress and potential damage to my lungs and trachea by dabbing concentrate vapor at temperatures exceeding 500 to 700 degrees F. The question still remains whether stressing your lungs through extreme heat inhalation has any long term effects.

    • Val

      I’ve had a lot issues with dabs giving me chronic bronchitis. If I smoke them too regularly, I start to get bad wheezing, shortness of breath, and a cough. I’m not sure if it’s the heat that does it to me, if I’m just more sensitive than others, or if the oils give off some sort of waxes that irritate or coat my lungs. I do wait for my nail to cool significantly, and I have medical grade oil, so I’m not sure what causes these issues for me, and not many others. I’m thinking of just switching to vaping or edibles.

      • Commander Data

        Ive been experiencing exactly what you have, as well ive also had a metalic taste in my mouth that wont go away using shatter in a vape pen.

        • Ed McLendon

          I use a nail, a blowtorch, and a clear rubber hose (to inhale the smoke through), and some special gear to put the dabs or shatter on the nail and the only thing I taste is premium quality extract.

          • Koop Richards


        • Matt

          Homie please stop using a vape pen if you get a metallic taste! Get high quality dab equipment, for something that gets so hot you want it to be quality materials that will resist the heat and not create FUMES, which you are probably tasting.

      • Koop Richards

        I had the same thing, comes around the same time every year, so I went to my Dr. Turns out I had allergies in the spring/ early summer.. Lol.. I was to baked to figure it out myself! Ha!

      • Juan barz

        No I’ve been having the same problems it’s obviously the body High added with an extreme temperature of the nail I’ve been trying to find out the same if there is any solutions please let me know

    • Ronnie1993

      That dosent even make sense

      • Ronnie1993

        #does not

    • Kelly Norris

      I’ve been an avid week smoker for about 20 years now back in the 80’s and 90’s we got that good black hash. My friend got me to try a couple dabs one day and I was impressed with the buzz but too much on the lungs. I dont think that dab wand needs to be heated that freakin hot just enough to smoke and smaller hits is the way to go

  • San

    zach that is why you dab through a WATER pipe which should cool the vapor down to a reasonable temperature.

    • Kelly Norris


  • Cherryl

    As an old, tree-hugging hippy from the 60’s, my take on “dabbing” is that it isn’t natural. I’ve survived to a ripe old age with a brain that contains far more wrinkles than my skin because I have always determined my intake of substances based on how processed they’ve been. When I first married my husband I made him flush his pot oil down the drain, but that was before we took a MAC flight to Hawaii. Dabbing is just like buying into the same corporate culture that insists that your food must be manufactured from chemicals and served in styrofoam. How high do you really need to be? I’ll stick with naturally fermented craft beer, naturally dried buds, and a mellow buzz because I want to remember all the good times I’ve had–except for certain deliberate adventures with magic mushrooms and peyote. Now, those where “natural highs”.

    • Koop Richards

      You dont need solvents to make dabs.. they can be made naturally.. Don’t hate, get educated..

    • Tommy Flores

      You cab make it with plain old bud and a hot iron with just a little pressure, the wax seeps out of the nug like tree sap

  • MultiSignlanguage .

    There is an article out now saying a 20 year old brother gave marijuana dabs to his 16 year old sister causing her to become affected somehow and under the influence, raped her. People are outraged- rightly so – that he only got 6 months for his crime. He kept asking for sex- with his own sister!!- and she kept saying no, so he allegedly gave her dabs and succeeded in lowering her resistance. It’s rape under the influence. My question is… would marijuana dabs cause her to be this affected, unable to resist or know who he is, etc? Or is there something the media is leaving out?

    • D Bobs TJr

      In my experience no. Dabs absolutely will not cause you to be unable to resist and certainly not make her not know who he was

    • Tommy Flores

      In my opinion, if he did not forcibly rape her, she is lying about concent. Marijuana even in concentrated form is not a date rape drug. It doesnt even make you lose your inhibitions the way alcohol does, if anything, the paranoia that can come from it could make you have more inhibitions than normal. There is no way he drugged her into sex with marijuana. It wouldnt make you forget yourself or be unable to resist abuse. Its not heroin, you dont just take a dab and zonk out. I get high and workout, go to work, go to school etc. Marijuana is no more intoxicating than caffine, it just feels better.

    • Ed Barcas III

      Sorry, dabs don’t do this to people. Either you’re a liar or the jackasses who wrote the “article” are.

      • Andrea

        The people who wrote and sponsored this article is a dab shop. Of course they will say their product is safe because they want you to BUY it! Simple marketing principal. Please put two and two together.

        • jvampyre1744

          I’m just curious about what you have to say to hippies who’ve been smoking “dabs” also once known as hash, hash oil, etc for 30+ years and are not only sane, but still healthy, and show no adverse health effects for having smoked said “dabs”. Is it that they are ALL lucky? Or perhaps your bro was UNlucky, and was one of the few who get messed up from cannabis. For whatever reason, I have an issue with beer. I can drink hard alcohol no problem and remain clear headed (i dont drink to get stupid), but after 2 beer i can feel myself getting major drunk. My balance is off etc… someone once told me it was a reaction to the hops? or whatever in beer. I dont know why I react odd to beer, but I do, and know enough to limit or stay away from it. Is it the beers fault I’m intolerant for WHATEVER reason!?! Nope. It’s my biology… so before trying to scare people away from something that is INCREDIBLY BENEFICIAL TO MANY, maybe try and find out why your family member reacted this way. Because that reaction is NOT NORMAL!!! That’s why so many people are arguing with you. I’m willing to say sure, your family member was negatively affected by what he took. PLEASE also keep in mind that FULL PANEL tests only test for the items on that panel… they do not test for the newest chemicals, a lot of which are imported and sold LEGALLY in head shops under the guise it’s not really for human consumption, but everyone knows that’s exactly what it’s for. That whole scare over spice and K2 was because they were untested chemicals that people were smoking and getting BAD reactions from… those new drugs are NOT part of full panel tests and would not show up on those tests… ANYWAYS back to my point, sure he may have had a bad reaction… maybe he took something that didnt show up in the panel, or he just reacted poorly to the shatter EXPERIENCE. But the way you’re going about spreading your story, is getting a bad reaction because so many people find not only benefits to smoking shatter, but it has saved lives. One life lost to a thousand saved, its gonna be hard to convince people it’s bad. You would have gotten a way better reaction had you just said I dont know what REALLY happened (cause you dont… there was THC in his system and the dr assumed that was what caused it, because there is no way to definitively prove it was the shatter, so it is an assumption), but you DO know he had shatter and this reaction happened after the shatter, so just a heads up, this is my story, beware! But you went all reefer madness here, and that totally took any validity your claim had, and threw it out the window…

  • Koop Richards

    You’ve been hitting 1 to many dabs lady. You just said there hadn’t been enough studies done. How does your doctor know what the side effects would be? No study needed. Lol. Your brothers hitting more than bud.. Sounds like you may be too.

    • Andrea

      Can you read? Are you stonned? My goodness I can’t deal with you simple minded people! Keep doing your thing, end up in the mental ward for all I care. It doesn’t matter to me! But your ‘opinion’ about something you are clueless about is absurd and until you were there witnessing what was happening you don’t get to have one! The only drug my bro used to do was weed. I do not do any thank you VERY much. Do your research, go talk to a medical provider, or don’t. I could really care less. But do NOT accuse someone you’ve never met of doing drugs. That I will not tolerate. I’m trying to spread a word of warning. Don’t listen! I really don’t care, but don’t be an ass and say dumb things like that because you can’t have a more intelligent response to some thing you don’t want to hear.

      • Koop Richards

        Actually lady I’m pretty well educated, Marijuana cures numerous ailments known to man. If this did happen to your brother however, there must have been an underlying mental problem. I’ve smoked weed since I was 14 and am now 42. Never have I experienced in my 28 years of smoking a mental health problem. Actually I have seen people come off drugs like Effexor and other big pharma pills with the help of marijuana. So when you do decide to get off your high horse, and actually do some research yourself, or just watch a few testimonials on you tube of marijuana saving peoples lives old and new maybe then your mind will change, but you’ll have to open your mind for that.. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

        • Andrea

          Nothing underlying you moreon. Again, your opinion doesn’t mean a thing. Just because you’ve smoked weed for your whole life does NOT make you an educated medical professional despite what you may think of yourself. It cracks me up how much you people take offense to information you don’t like to hear about your precious substance. As I said before, you do you but keep your simple minded opinion out of it! I did do research, sober, from medical journals. Not blogs that a marijuana company post. And, in case you missed that part, I’m talking specifially about dabbing, not just smoking marijuana. I’m talking about the risk of DABBING. No where did I say simply smoking pot did this to him. I don’t smoke, so when you light up later today, go ahead and smoke your opinion for me 🙂 As I said before, you do you but keep your opinion out of where it doesn’t belong. That’s the problem with today’s society. People like to state their opinion as fact in situations they know nothing about, and then keep justifying it. Sad. Its just sad.

          • Mark Richards

            Your the one who posted about your strung out brother, and then tell me to remove my nose for where it doesn’t belong. You are aware that these are public comments right, and if you didn’t want people posting their thoughts you probably shouldn’t post your life story and then blame dabs. Marijuana extracts are just that, marijuana. So you are blaming marijuana, and if your brother can’t handle shatter , oh you better believe he can’t touch distilate.. There are health problems brought on by dabbing.. What your brother had was underlying or product was tampered with.. You keep believing big pharma and their doctors and you go on believing that dabbing causes psychosis, and I will believe the truth. Agreed to disagree..

          • Andrea

            Believe what you want. Just another simple minded stoner. The ONLY reason I post about my families experience was to spread awareness of the risks of dabbing. I stated the facts and you continue to insert your uneducated opinion where it does not belong. Go smoke more weed and get strung out yourself.

            It is now clear to me there is no use trying to spread awareness to adicts. They will believe whatever they want to keep their precious substance clear and causing no harm in their mind. Hope it doesn’t happen to you or someone you love! Believe whatever the hell you want to believe. But think twice before you go making absurd accusations on a public post just because you’re a simple minded ass hole and don’t like what you read.

          • Andrea
          • Andrea

            I am simply repeating what the doctors told my family and what they have told hundreds of other families. If you don’t want to believe that then don’t. Go get strung out on your weed and have a nice life. But please do read the attached protocol. And I also encourage you to talk to a medical provider and ask your doubts to them. Or don’t. I could really care less.

            Let me make one thing clear. The ONLY reason I am wasting my time on here is because I don’t want anyone to have to go through what my family went through. That is the ONLY reason my “life story” is on this post. If I can reach even a few people it will make dealing with you ignorant accusatory people worth it.

      • Radyth

        Whatever druggie.

        • Andrea

          You’re a precise example of what’s wrong with society today. Internet Troll – right there.

          • Radyth

            Sorry I don’t mean to, I’ve done too many dabs and they’ve stuck to my brain. /s

            But hey, ignore my other comment that is actually asking for real proof and just jump to this one cause you have nothing and you know it. Definitely the easier approach.

            “Can you read? Are you stonned? My goodness I can’t deal with you simple minded people! Keep doing your thing, end up in the mental ward for all I care.”

            You’re right tho, I’m the problem with society. Maybe one day we can all be as great of a person as you are.

          • Andrea

            I did respond to your other comment. And I’ll so again right here so you don’t have to go find it. I’ll make it as easy as possible for you. 🙂

            I provided the protocol our local hospital uses to bring those who come in, in a state of psychosis from dabbing out of it. IN the protocol it says “use when other forms of acute phychosis have been ruled out.” I would hope you understand what that means.

            As for how the vapor by “inhaling cannabis extract” sticks to the nerve endings in the brain, I am not a scientist nor medical professional so don’t know how it works. As I have said close to 20 times now, call and talk to your local hospital or psychiatrist, psychologist and ask them to explain the science behind it. Also as I have said, my goal is to spread the word about the risks associated with dabbing. If you don’t want to believe me that’s your prerogative. But don’t be an ass. Just because it’s a public forum does not give you the right to be an asshole.

  • David Schneider

    The Dab Lab is owned by Jay Drexler, major stoob and wannabe sour beer afficianado. I probably would have liked this article better if I didn’t know this stoob IRL and know what a moron he is…

  • David Schneider

    Get a Quave, or any other decent quartz banger, and start low temping your sh** and you won’t have any respiratory problems. I dab concentrates almost every day and have zero ill effects to my respiratory system. I also don’t smoke cigs and work out regularly which may help too. Seriously though, if you are taking dabs off of a red hot nail before letting it properly cool (turn black and then wait 30 seconds) you are to blame for why your lungs are damaged. Get a dab timer if it helps. #LowTempMatters

  • David Schneider

    Get a Quave, or any other decent quartz banger, and start low temping your sh** and you won’t have any respiratory problems. I dab concentrates almost every day and have zero ill effects to my respiratory system. I also don’t smoke cigs and work out regularly which may help too. Seriously though, if you are taking dabs off of a red hot nail before letting it properly cool (turn black and then wait 30 seconds) you are to blame for why your lungs are damaged. Get a dab timer if it helps. #LowTempMatters

  • Andrea

    Dabbing can put you into a state of psychosis. Don’t believe me? Go talk to a medical provider.

  • wnoons

    I recently consumed rosin “dabs” made from a heat extraction process at a weekend-long cannabis rally. I watched as the “rig” was heated with a torch and then when the vapor had sufficiently cooled, I was instructed to take a hit, which I did as I’ve been doing for as long as I have been consuming cannabis, meaning: I held it in. My well-intentioned mentors immediately screamed, “Don’t hold it in!” To which I replied, “Why?” There answer was, “Because it’s oil and it will coat your lungs.” My response was, “You could have told me that before I hit it.” Later in the day, I met a caregiving who had come down from Maine to have his product “squashed” by the same device that had created the rosin I consumed. As he was a caregiver and his patient was right beside him, I asked him whether vaporized oil coated the lungs. He answered, “Yes” and went on to say that if he “vaped” a lot he could feel the oil coating his lungs.
    I found your article very well written and while you spoke about health concerns, you did not address the question: does cannabis oil vapor “coat” the lungs and does that “coating” have negative health consequences? Thank you, Walter

    • A. It is not really an oil its just called that. if it’s high purity rosin it’s at least 80% THC, with small amounts of oils which would enter your lungs anyway during burning of the plant matter in a normal joint.

      B. You should never hold in smoke in your lungs from any method of Cannabis, it gives no substantial extra high and just coats your lungs with more tar from the burned plant matter.

      C. also yes smoking and inhaling anything will leave particulate matter in your lung linings which the cilia clear out, the difference between weed and cigarettes is that the Nicotine temporarily paralyzes these cilia in your lungs so they can not properly removed tar build up unlike in Cannabis which has 0 nicotine.

      • wnoons


  • ken

    I dont dab much but all I know is when you start messing with stuff like the chemical properties of any substance it is no linger the same. And smoking 80% concentrates is doing something to your body/ mind negatively

    • except your not changing the delta 9 THC lol you are just concentrating it. Smoking 0.1g of concentrates at 80% would be the same as smoking 1 gram of bud that has 8% THC.

  • Kokopeli

    Chocolate deposits copper in brain folds. This CAN (not does) cause mis-fires in the brain that can lead to seizures and personality changes. Does this mean chocolate is inherently dangerous? No, you have to eat an absolutely insane amount for this to happen.
    Keep ‘context’ and physiological differences in mind when reading anything and remember, we are talking about legal pot and legally aged adults. Everyone needs more then one doctor or medical professionals opinion. My doc recommended med marijuana over a decade ago and even DABBING (although not that term, she told me about enails) because of the need for immediate relief and the fact I have compromised lungs. One dab every few hours or constant smoking. Hmm..
    Anyone with a horse in this race should go to pubmed ( and read the actual studies (If you are not affiliated with a hospital you can only read the executive summery – by the researchers).

  • Aaron Aj Bird

    I came here to laugh at comments lmao

  • Dawn Marie❤️Trump


  • Herbert Davis II

    It doesn’t matter what your doing. If you’re putting substance into your body such as chemicals or smoke it’s harmful to you maybe not in the short term but just like smoking it will eventually cause problems.

  • Ingrid Cruz

    My 21 year old son has been smoking wax for a very long time & smokes daily. Two doctors/therapists have advised him to stop as it chemically not good for his brain.
    Wax has changed him & has given him anxiety & paranoia, it’s destroying our family. He is addicted to it as he Can’t stop smoking it. He can’t get a job because he won’t stop smoking. He won’t go to the dentist, doctor, eye doctor even tho he needs to. He won’t see his Aunts, Uncles, Grandma or Cousins. Two doctors have told him themselves. We paid $50K for college & he flunked out because he didn’t go to classes, felt out of place, didn’t make friends, came back home with social anxiety & paranoia because he smoked this wax all the time. Please DO NOT TELL ME OR ADVERTISE THAT SMOKJNG THIS STUFF IS HARMLESS AS IT IS RUINING MY SON & OUR FAMILY!!!!!! Waxing has changed my son!!!!

  • Tia

    Overconsumption results only in mild nausea and brief paranoia??? All I did was attempt to get a taste of a friend’s concentrate, just a tiny smear on the tip of a toothpick. That was at 10:45pm. Two and a half hours later, I awoke horribly ill – 1:15am. Endless waves of nausea and vomiting, the most intense fear/anxiety/paranoia ever. Reality happened in waves, also, and I remember maybe less than half of it. My vision was black unless I concentrated on seeing. I believed that I was permanently stuck on an alternate plane of reality that periodically intersected with the reality of the EMTs – yes, after over an hour of vomiting and fear, I called 911. They took me to the hospital, put me in the psych ward, and gave me an anti-emetic. I only realized where I was when I heard another patient request to have the drawstring back for his pants. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to leave, but I got to leave at 9am. I wish I had stayed, because the nausea came back and I couldn’t keep anything down and I was in pain from dehydration.
    I don’t believe that there was anything wrong with the concentrate. He tasted a similar amount, smoked some as well, and he was fine. I wasn’t even aiming to get high or even get a buzz. I just wanted to taste it because it smelled good. And I ended up on the psych ward.

    • sanilaS siuL

      Lmao dabs will knock you on your ass. You still smoke?

    • A T


    • tekashi68

      Yea well thats unfortunately a personal trait/response to the concentrate and not indicative of its effect overall. As a frequent user, I wish i could get that high – it is a pursuit for many daily/lifelong smokers to push their limits and seek the highest of highs. Not to alarm you, but the old wive’s tale of marijuana and shrooms causing mental breakdowns actually has some truth to it – with a dark twist. Schizophrenia is significantly genetic and overall dormant – laying silent until triggered by a stressful event like grad school, divorce, an uncontrollable trip or high, and earthly substances like shrooms and weed seem to…’reveal’ symptoms for predisposed afflicted persons in 20s/ 30s.

  • jacob kingan (JakeStar)

    You guys sound like the British debating gin when everyone thought a drink would ruin the country, everything in moderation and everyone will be fine

  • FetisFayce

    Dabbed the first time yesterday for my Bday here in Colorado. Now since I have been smoking for 20 years now and have smoked concentrate vape pens as well. I loved dabbing, it got me high with little effort and first time I used a rig, tasted great and smooth on the lungs. The only reason I wouldn’t do it every day is so I can keep my tolerance levels down cuz I love bud/flower. I will continue to dab once to twice a week.

    Hmmm funny I seem to be functioning the same as always. Some people cant handle their weed or maybe people were on other drugs. Maybe someone should explain to some people that MJ has one of the longest half-lifes in the human body. Coke and other drugs are out of your system much faster. Water soluble, drink a bunch of water and pee and boom coke out your system. This is why police and firefighters do coke, easy out. But go ahead and continue to think dabs or weed is the issue just because you cant research for yourself, I will live longer because of MJ! Smoke it if you got it!

  • Nette

    I think the paranoia has been the result of partaking in illegal practices – and therefore worrying that you’re gonna get busted. With legalized, especially medical marijuana – this is a demon of the past! Hurrah! Enjoy.

  • Mr Know It All