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Canadian Government Rejects 13 Changes to Cannabis Act

Among the rejected proposals are calls to ban home-grown cannabis and 'cannabis swag.'

6 Months On, Maryland Patients Struggle With Limited Selection and Supply

With a limited number of growers and no edibles allowed, Maryland's dispensaries are evolving too slowly for many patients.

Crash or Cash: What’s Happening to California Cannabis Prices?

Tumbling wholesale prices and reports of epic oversupply are fueling fears of a cannabis crash in California. But there may be more stability to the market than we know.

Ohio Will Miss Sept. 8 Deadline for Medical Marijuana Availability

Ohio said Tuesday that it will not have medical marijuana available by the September deadline due to inspection delays and other obstacles.

We Took Alberta’s Mandatory Training for Cannabis Workers. Here’s What We Learned.

To work in cannabis retail sales in Alberta, a citizen must be included on the province’s list of “qualified cannabis workers.” To get on the list, a citizen must take and pass the SellSafe course.

Is Your Cannabis Organic? Clean Green Will Help You Find Out

Learn all about what it means when your cannabis is “clean green certified”, the cannabis industry’s alternative to USDA organic certification.

Map: Where to Find Ohio’s 56 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Ohio has licensed 56 locations that can sell medical marijuana once it becomes legal this fall. The state's 2016 medical marijuana law says the program must begin Sept. 8.

Investing: These 16 Cannabis Companies Are Generating Revenue

Revenue isn't the only metric to consider when investing. But it's important—and these cannabis companies are producing it.

The Tragically Hip Celebrates Its First Cannaversary

The Tragically Hip sees cannabis “as a way to make some money but also to be very creative,” says Newstrike CEO Jay Wilgar.

Cannabis Sponsors Half of Colorado’s Adopt-a-Highway Signs

Next time you’re headed down a highway in Colorado, take a look at who’s keeping that roadway clean. There’s a solid chance it’s the cannabis industry.

This Startup Incubator Helps Drug War Survivors Build Cannabis Companies

Changing inequity: Oakland's Hood Incubator pairs legal retail newcomers with experienced cannabis operators.

To Make Dank Beer, Brewers Forced to Get Creative

CBD extracts are illegal for now, but terpenes toast similarities among cannabis and beer as the craft industry thirsts for new consumers—and eventually THC brews.

Proposal to Cut California Cannabis Taxes Is Dead in the Water

Proponents said the measure, which would reduce taxes for three years, was meant to speed the transition away from the illegal market and into regulated sales.

5 Things We Learned at North America’s Largest Cannabis Expo

As Canada speeds toward legalization, Toronto hosts the year's biggest, buzziest cannabis expo. Here are five takeaways.

Cannabis Legalization Is Shaking Up America’s Glass Market

Chinese outsourcing, vape pens, and electronic dabbing devices are upending the traditional glass market. How are America's glass artists surviving?

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