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4 Colorado Dispensaries That Make Finding Organic Cannabis Easy

Looking for organic cannabis in Colorado? We put together a list of dispensaries that offer a wide selection of clean cannabis grown naturally.

Court to Arizona Medical Extract Users: Watch Your Back!

Arizona's 2010 medical marijuana law does not include extracts of marijuana — dubbed "hashish", the appellate court ruled.

#PermitPatty Episode Blows Up on California Cannabis Company

Bay Area stores are dropping TreatWell after its founder called police on an 8-year-old girl for selling bottled water.

Canadian Cannabis Legalization Is Happening—But What Will It Look Like?

From privacy to convenience to swapping alcohol for cannabis, here's what Canadians are hoping for from their forthcoming cannabis marketplace.

Trudeau Sets a Date: Canada Will Legalize Cannabis on October 17

The Prime Minister expressed hope that Canada's cannabis retail systems will be ready to do business on the date of legalization.

Canadian Cannabis Producer Tilray Files Paperwork for Nasdaq IPO

The Canadian licensed producer filed paperwork Wednesday in preparation of going public on the US-based Nasdaq stock exchange.

Canadian Senate Passes the Cannabis Act, Locking In Legalization

Among the amendments struck down en route to C-45's passage: bans on home cultivation of cannabis and cannabis-branded merchandise.

The Women of Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel is one of the world's leading online head shops. Meet the women helping bring quality glass to users around the world.

Heroic Hippies & Canada’s New Cannabis Regime: An Interview With Master Grower Pete Young

The co-founder of the Canadian LP Indiva holds forth on unsung trailblazers, cannabis capitalists, and his legal obligation to be chaperoned by a "responsible person in charge" at his own damn company.

Stock Up Now, California. A Lot of Cannabis Is About to Disappear From Stores

California consumers are encountering steep discounts this June of 30 to 90 percent at recreational cannabis stores in the run-up to a July 1 deadline for non-compliant products to be purged from retail shelves.

Uruguay’s Legal Cannabis Customers Aren’t Very Happy

There are so many good reasons to consume organically grown cannabis. For starters: It’s often healthier and free of potentially harmful pesticides. Soil-grown and free…

Canadian Government Rejects 13 Changes to Cannabis Act

Among the rejected proposals are calls to ban home-grown cannabis and 'cannabis swag.'

6 Months On, Maryland Patients Struggle With Limited Selection and Supply

With a limited number of growers and no edibles allowed, Maryland's dispensaries are evolving too slowly for many patients.

Crash or Cash: What’s Happening to California Cannabis Prices?

Tumbling wholesale prices and reports of epic oversupply are fueling fears of a cannabis crash in California. But there may be more stability to the market than we know.

Ohio Will Miss Sept. 8 Deadline for Medical Marijuana Availability

Ohio said Tuesday that it will not have medical marijuana available by the September deadline due to inspection delays and other obstacles.

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