5 ways CBD can provide relief from work stress and anxiety

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Presented ByDrift CBDPublished on March 25, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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This article brought to you by Drift, helping your mind stay clear, calm, and ready for the workday.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA,) 72 percent of people who have daily stress and anxiety say it interferes with their lives at least moderately. It’s no wonder that some of this stress and anxiety stems from our time at work.

The ADAA says that the main culprits of work-related stress are work deadlines, interpersonal relationships, staff management, and dealing with issues/problems that arise, but what if you had a way to combat that?

cbd rub, cbd pain relief, full spectrum cbd oil


There are many aspects of our jobs that induce anxiety, cause us to hold tension in our bodies, or even make us avoid conversations with important people. If you’re thinking about taking CBD for anxiety, here are a few ways you can integrate CBD products into your routine:

1. Get better sleep before a busy day

A sleepless night can make a stressful day even worse—but getting a full rest is easier said than done. To help you stay healthy and get enough sleep, you can try CBD oil drops before your bedtime routine.

cbd rub, cbd pain relief, full spectrum cbd oil


By using cannabinoids to help with sleep, you can set yourself up for a better tomorrow, and be sharp at your morning meeting.

2. A brighter face for your presentations

Work stress can start to show in your face… as acne, wrinkles, and more. This can destroy your confidence and cause extra stress. The irony.

When you need to put your best face forward, CBD continues to come in handy. Whether you choose a CBD infused mud mask the night before to fight tight, dry skin, or carry out a skincare routine with a daily moisturizer before you head into the office, the extra time in the mirror and the glowing skin will give you the confidence you need to nail it at work.

3. Be ready for last-minute meetings

Speaking of meetings and presentations, sometimes they come at you fast! If your boss, partner, or clients tend to schedule meetings with only an hour’s notice, CBD can help. You could spend that hour hiding in the bathroom or drumming your fingers at your desk, or you could try popping a CBD gummy.

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Keeping CBD gummies at your desk is a great way to feel prepared for stressful surprises that come your way.

4. Wind down after a tough shift

Sometimes, there’s no avoiding a stressful day—and the best you can do is try not to carry that stress into tomorrow. Designed to calm your mind and soothe your body, a bath bomb will help melt a tough day away. It’s the perfect way to take in a little aromatherapy and decompress your body and mind.

CBD inspired by work stress and anxiety

Work is enough of a pain, even when you’re not freaking out about it. It’s something that Drift founder Johnathon Case considered when creating his collection. He was inspired by his own family, as he researched and designed a solution with his girlfriend and grandma in mind. His girlfriend had started a new business, and the work stress was worse than ever before. Nothing seemed right and she needed a little help. Meanwhile, his grandma had immense physical pain from a recent surgery. He created Drift CBD products for them and others like them.

Can CBD help you combat your work anxiety?

It’s no silver bullet, but there are many opportunities throughout your day to chip away at work stress and anxiety with the help of CBD products. Consult your doctor before working anything new into your diet and use CBD responsibly.

Drift CBD
Presented ByDrift CBD
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