How Healist’s natural blends work with CBD to promote sleep

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Thanks to years of cannabis prohibition, it can be easy to think of CBD and other hemp products as just another way to knock yourself out, like a glass of wine or a sleeping pill. On the contrary: Hemp and other natural ingredients, like those in Healist’s sleep drops and double-strength sleep drops, could work naturally with your body for sleep that just feels like… sleep.

Have you ever said you’re going to “knock yourself out”? When we can’t sleep, we tend to be really harsh on our bodies, favoring short-term rest over long-term health. After all—what’s a hangover or next-day sleeping pill fog compared to days and even weeks of sleep deprivation?

That next-day fog is why many of the sleepless masses are turning to CBD products, and other non-psychoactive compounds found in cannabis, as a better alternative for a restful night and a clear morning. An independent consumer panel interviewed more than 100 participants that used Healist double-strength sleep drops over 14 consecutive days, and 86 percent agreed it helped to promote a healthy sleep cycle. 92 percent said they didn’t get any morning grogginess. 

Ultimately, everyone needs sleep and the right hemp-based product could be a life-changer to help your body rest.

Working with your body—not against it

Healist Sleep Drops
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It’s not enough for a sleep aid to just be all-natural on the outside. Drinking wine is an extremely popular way to fall asleep, but it doesn’t help anyone wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Hemp has the added advantage of working with your body’s natural processes on the inside, too.

Whether you’re a regular cannabis user or you’ve never touched the stuff, you have an endocannabinoid system—and it plays a vital role in keeping your body at an even keel by sending messages through your entire body, from your nervous system to your skin to your gut. Cannabinoids, like THC, CBD, or CBN, work within this bodily system, which has a hand in  pain response, mood, appetite and, yes, sleep.

More simply put: Customers are finding that hemp has the potential to not just promote, but fix, sleep. An overwhelming majority of participants in the sleep drop consumer panel found that the Healist sleep drops helped them get to sleep immediately and stay asleep. 82 percent said it helped them find sleep on day one, and 83 percent reported they woke less in the night.

When you take a sedative sleep medication, on the other hand, it completely takes over by slowing down your brain activity, so while it helps with your sleep deprivation, it gives you a whole other thing to recover from.

CBD works better as a team

In the THC-free hemp plant, CBD doesn’t work alone: it works as a team with a variety of other plant compounds. This includes other cannabinoids, like CBN, which could boost the sleepy effects of the rest of the plant. It also includes terpenes, which give not only cannabis, but other plants distinct smells and tastes. If lavender and certain cannabis strains both help you feel relaxed, it could be the same terpene (linalool is a common one) that’s helping it along. If you find chamomile to be relaxing, it could be the terpene bisabolol, also found in certain strains of cannabis. 

When combined, these ingredients don’t work independently, but as a collective. This is commonly referred to as the “entourage effect,” and what’s called “broad-spectrum oil” helps preserve this natural chemical balance.

Many CBD tinctures use isolate, which contains no plant compounds besides CBD. Some find it helpful, but for some, it doesn’t live up to the hype.

It’s why Healist opts for broad-spectrum hemp oil for its sleep drops—it unlocks what CBD does in the whole, natural plant—along with added CBN and a custom sleep-focused terpene blend. Lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm enhance the natural relaxation.

How to use broad-spectrum CBD for sleep

Administering Healist Sleep Drops
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The most important thing to remember about taking a natural sleep aid is to listen to your body. Healist says that “the right dose isn’t prescription, it’s personal.” For those used to pharmaceutical sleep aids, it can be hard to get used to, but the whole idea is to avoid forcing it.

For best results with Healist’s sleep drops, start with a small or medium-size dose (Healist has guidance on this based on your weight) under the tongue 20 minutes before bedtime. Either hold steady or increase the dose depending on how you feel—it can be easier to keep track if you take them at the same time every evening during your first week. It’s an intuitive process, but writing down the basics, like dose, time taken, and sleep quality, can help you find the right balance. Each human, and each human body, is different. If the drops aren’t your thing, try Healist’s sleep gummies. They’re made with the same broad-spectrum hemp oil and custom terpene blend, with extracts of valerian root, lavender, and chamomile.

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Presented ByHealist Naturals
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