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chemdawg cannabis strain, chemdog
Legendary Chemdog, parent to the ill-fated DogDaze.

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Strain overview: The mysterious Chemdog has been around for quite some time as one of the more potent hybrids available. It offers a strong diesel aroma paired with pungent earthy notes. The high offered by Chemdog is powerful with an invigorating edge to help fuel creativity and conversation.

Grow techniques: A quick grower, Chemdog responds well to training techniques. Scrogging (screen of green) is an ideal method for increasing the yields in a small space. As with any scrog method, remove the foliage from the base of the plant to allow airflow through the canopy. Chemdog’s dense buds are susceptible to mold, so proper air circulation is crucial. Grow in rich, healthy soil or hydroponically to help combat issues with mold or infection.

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Flowering time: 9 weeks

Yield: High

Grow difficulty: Moderate

Climate: Prefers mild, dry climates between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/outdoor: Ideally, grow Chemdog indoors where you can protect the plant from humidity and moisture. If grown outdoors, you need to be somewhere with a very dry climate to battle Chemdawg’s susceptibility to mold.

Feeding: Feeding for this hybrid is pretty standard. Top dress soils or use organic fertilizers that will not burn the plant.

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Advanced Nutrients
Presented ByAdvanced Nutrients
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