Tips for growing LA Confidential cannabis

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Presented ByAdvanced NutrientsPublished on June 24, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Tips for Growing LA Confidential Cannabis

This article is presented by Advanced Nutrients, a global company raising the bud weights and reputations of cannabis growers since 1999.

Strain overview: LA Confidential is popular for its notable skunky smell and strong euphoric high. Created by DNA genetics, this multiple award-winning indica is a cross between OG LA Affie and Afghani. Its buds are small but dense and trichome-soaked, making it a great choice for growers of all skill levels.

Grow techniques: Increasing bud sites for LA Confidential can help increase yields. A SCROG (screen of green) setup in either soil or hydro is the best way to expose as many bud sites as possible. Keep the lower canopy free of bud sites or extra foliage, as they will detract from the quality cannabis on top.

Flowering time: 6-7 weeks

Yield: Moderate

Grow difficulty: Easy

Climate: LA Confidential prefers temperatures between 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and can handle colder temperatures.

Indoor/outdoor: LA Confidential was developed for indoor gardens, as it prefers to be in a space where temperature and weather are consistent. It can be grown outdoors in cooler climates.

Feeding: Heavy feedings help LA Confidential reach its full potential. When it’s flowering, make sure the plant has access to phosphorus and potassium to help the buds develop into dense, hearty nugs.

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Advanced Nutrients
Presented ByAdvanced Nutrients
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