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Tips for growing Jack Herer cannabis

This article is presented by Advanced Nutrients, a global company raising the bud weights and reputations of cannabis growers since 1999.

Strain overview: A classic strain developed in the Netherlands, Jack Herer is a cross between Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. The name comes from the cannabis activist Jack Herer. This strain offers a clear, motivating, and creative high that has launched this strain to global fame. There are a number of phenotypes, most of which are sativa-dominant while less common is the indica phenotype.

Grow techniques: Jack Herer is a great option for hydroponic systems, but it likes to grow bushy so make sure there is enough spacing between plants. If growing the sativa phenotype, be aware of stretching and make sure they do not outgrow your space. Also ensure that the branches are supported as the buds develop to prevent any from snapping.

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Moderate (indica phenotype); low to moderate (sativa phenotype)

Grow difficulty: Moderate to hard

Climate: Moderate climates with temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/outdoor: Grows well in indoor hydroponic gardens where the feeding and climate can be controlled. If you have a known sativa phenotype and live in a climate with warm fall weather, let Jack Herer grow outside and see how truly massive a sativa can get.

Feeding: Sativa-dominant plants can be vulnerable to overfeeding. Make sure to feed lightly at first, looking out for nutrient blockage or burn. Flush plants if you ever feel like you have overfed. Silica-based foods will help the plant develop thicker stems to support the buds.

(Advanced Nutrients)

To learn more about feeding with Advanced Nutrients supplements, check out their online nutrient calculator or call their grower support line at 1-800-640-9605.
  • Kel

    Do you have any tips for growing Medijuana Cannabis?

    • King Ding-A-Ling

      Do a Google search of cannabis forums. You will find about a dozen sites related to everything cannabis.

    • Saint Skinny

      Theres plenty of tips here on leafly

  • Saint Skinny

    I wanna share something I learned the hard way. Make sure when running this strain that you have your timer set right… I was half asleep when I set my timer and ended up setting it to 16/8 instead of 18/6. 8 hours without light IS enough to make Jack Herrer start flowering. I had to put her under 24/0 to switch her back. P.S. Does anyone else find it weird referring to a Plant named ‘Jack’ as a ‘she’? lol

    • Sander Trump

      well in the cannabis world the only thing you are smoking is the she’s the males aren’t good for much besides breeding

      • Coco Lette

        in any world the males aren’t good for anything except breeding

        • reno

          that was just plain mean.
          Sander Trump,,,,,that is comical
          i think i can handle it…40 yrs exp

      • Randy Hart

        I have no problem just breeding.

    • Greenleaf910

      Well, you could call her Jackie, short for Jackoline.

    • Amptec

      I call her Jacky

  • Joemash

    I found this, Jack, hard to grow to fruition. Indoor grow, years of experience. Started out great. Put into budding and one just wilted away! Nice green leaves and all! Other’s the sun leaves turn yellow too soon and without getting that ‘power’ the plant slows growth and potency I’m sure! The WW next to it OK. Some seeds didn’t ‘pop’ in the water and never came up in the soil. Nothing like Indica for indoor growing. Unfortunately I now have ten more of these seeds! I asked for AK instead. LoLs!