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Tips for Growing Orange Kush Cannabis

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Strain Overview: Orange Kush is an indica-dominant cross between Orange Bud and OG Kush. Named for its strong citrus flavor and aroma, Orange Kush offers potent euphoric effects that relax the body and elevate the mood.

Grow Techniques: With healthy soils and the right climate, this strain grows exceptionally well outdoors. Keep the plant supported by trellising while making sure to remove growth in the center of the plant. Top Orange Kush 2-3 times to help fill out the canopy. Indoors, this plant thrives with hydroponics. If working with a small space, you can use the SCROG (screen of green) method to help increase the yield.

Flowering Time: 7 to 9 weeks

Yield: High

Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Climate: Orange Kush prefers a drier climate with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/Outdoor: Growing outside will significantly increase your yield, but Orange Kush may be grown indoors for better climate control.

Feeding: For Orange Kush, increase the CalMag and nitrogen inputs at the beginning of the season.