The Best Cannabis Podcasts to Get High To

Published on April 5, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Podcasts have gained popularity in recent times, and they offer a fresh way to get your daily fix of cannabis-related content. Whether on your daily commute, working in the garden, out for a run, or simply smoking a bowl, a good podcast can be a great companion.

As long-format content is concerned, podcasts offer a level of versatility that video and print cannot. This gives podcasts a leg up for potentially tedious and time-consuming hands-on activities—especially trimming your cannabis harvest or pruning the plants.

Even better, podcasts have become a safe space for people wishing to share news and information, or to discuss topics pertaining to all things cannabis. There are so many wonderful creatives in the cannabis space who take advantage of this medium to deliver exciting content.

Below are a few cannabis podcasts worth listening to.

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‘Great Moments in Weed History w/ Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock’

For the perfect blend of education and entertainment, look no further than Great Moments in Weed History w/ Abdullah and Bean. You may be familiar with Abdullah Saeed from his extensive media career as a cannabis producer, writer, actor, and host for such works as Bong Appétit and HBO’s High Maintenance.

David Bienenstock authored How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High, and has an extensive career in cannabis journalism as the former head of content for High Times, a former host and producer for VICE media, and as a regular contributor here at Leafly.

Together, Abdullah and David tell stories of the history and important figures of cannabis. If you want to hear a fun introduction to the Dutch cannabis boom or how Willie Nelson became an industry icon, Abdulluh and David are here to tell the story.

In particular, episode 7 features a history lesson on the origin of 4/20 and how a simple treasure map led to an unofficial international cannabis holiday.

“Great Moments in Weed History” wrapped up season 1 in 2018, but you can still find all 12 episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes, Android, Spotify, and Facebook.

Is Legal Hemp About to Ruin America’s Outdoor Cannabis Crops?

‘The Grow Show With Kyle Kushman’

Cannabis cultivators will love this podcast hosted by the esteemed Kyle Kushman. You may know him from his work creating some famous strains on the market today (like strawberry cough), but Kushman has a long track record of other cannabis-related accolades.

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The Grow Show podcast delivers a range of information pertaining to cannabis cultivation, legislation, industry news, and more. With Kushman’s extensive knowledge and connections, his show is filled with guests like Danny Danko (editor at High Times), Scott Reach (of Rare Dankness), and more.

One of the podcast’s most notable episodes has guest AC Braddock from Eden Labs. Her extensive industry resume includes co-founding Women of Weed, and serving on the boards for the National Cannabis Industry Association and The Council of Responsible Cannabis Regulation. In this episode, Kushman and Braddock dive into the world of cannabis extraction technology and the state of cannabis concentrates in the industry.

Although this show was indefinitely discontinued at the end of 2016, you can still find all 51 episodes on iTunes, Android, and the web.

‘Maria + Jane: Women in Cannabis Business With Jac Carly’

Jacquiline Carly, founder of Maria + Jane and GetPlanty, hosts Maria + Jane, Women in Cannabis Business, a professionally driven podcast dedicated to empowering and showcasing women in the cannabis business space.

Jac is a writer, entrepreneur, athlete, and health advocate with an extensive resume in sports medicine and fitness, who has crossed over to the cannabis world to empower and educate those looking to stake their claim in the new, booming industry.

For professionals looking for a industry-oriented and information-driven listening experience, the Maria + Jane podcast is the perfect option. Weekly episodes are packed with an array of industry figures, including Jennifer Skog (founder of MJ Lifestyle), Denise Biderman (founder of Mary’s List), Adelia Carrillo (founder of Direct Cannabis Network), and many more.

Episode 16, featuring Dusti Arab (Brand Strategist and CEO for the Cannabis Bakeshop, and Director of Operations at Oov Magazine), is a great introduction to branding strategy and all of the perils of marketing in the new digital space.

You can find all 39 episodes of Maria + Jane on their website, iTunes, Android, and Spotify.

‘Cannabis Cultivation and Science With Tad Hussey’

If you’re looking for an active podcast dedicated to uncovering the science behind organic cannabis cultivation, the Cannabis Cultivation and Science podcast hosted by Tad Hussey is just for you. Tad runs the online operations for his family business, KIS (Keep it Simple) Organics, a small farm, nursery, and education center based in Redmond, Washington.

Each week, Tad bring experts from all over the cannabis industry to discuss a wide array of topics, including genetic testing, plant probiotics, and everything in between.

One of the most exciting guests to come onto Hussey’s podcast was Jeff Lowenfels in episode 2, author of the Teaming with Microbes book series. Lowenfel’s extensive work in soil science makes him a key player in organic cannabis cultivation. His wealth of knowledge and ability to break down complicated biological mechanisms into easy-to-understand dialogue make learning about the soil food web a fun adventure.

Tad hosts his podcast on a weekly basis and you can find it on Google, iTunes, Android, and Spotify, as well as the KIS Organics website.

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