Which Consumption Method Is Best Around Your Relatives This Holiday Season?

Published on November 23, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Which Consumption Method is Best Around Your Relatives This Holiday Season?

As we hurl ourselves full steam ahead into the holiday season, one thought on every cannabis-savvy consumer’s mind is how to best enjoy the holiday with a little help from everyone’s favorite special herb. This can get a little tricky, especially for those of us whose family may not see eye-to-eye on the topic of cannabis legalization or use.

With this in mind, we’ve considered the best possible consumption methods for every scenario so you can enjoy the tasty banquet with the appetite stimulation of cannabis, but without the unnecessary stress of worrying what your immediate and extended family will think.

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If You Have Uptight Anti-Cannabis Relatives

Cannabis-infused topicals

This is a tricky situation. If you know your family members extra rigid and don’t approve of cannabis consumption, you may not want to consume cannabis at all. There’s nothing worse than the wrinkling of Grandma’s nose in disapproval when she surveys the glazed eyes and heavy lids of your cannabis-laden face, and you don’t want to spend all evening having to defend yourself and your cannabis use while the food gets cold.

If you’re nervous, you may opt for a cannabis-infused topical. It will help soothe the growing pain in your neck as you sit through your uncle’s yearly racist rant, and there’s no trace of the telltale signs that you’ve consumed. You could also try popping a CBD capsule before interacting with your family; without the psychoactive properties, you can keep a cool head, converse with your folks, and still enjoy the holiday your way.

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If You Have Nosy Anti-Cannabis Relatives

Cannabis-infused edibles

If you’re constantly being bombarded by various relatives roaming the hallways looking for you to ask about the most uncomfortably intimate details of your life, this is the perfect opportunity for edibles to come to the rescue. Pop one before you arrive at your destination and by the time dinner rolls around, you’ll be feeling happy and relaxed, without a care in the world. You might not even care that Aunt Bev insists on asking when you’re getting married, why you haven’t popped a kid out, and whether or not you’re ever going to get a “real job.”

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If Your Relatives are Indifferent

Vape pen

For those of you with families who clearly love you but don’t converse much beyond the usual pleasantries, this is a no-brainer. Pack a vape pen and when the time is right, let your relatives know you’re going to take a walk around the neighborhood (or maybe you need to pick up a few last minute items at Target), step outside, and enjoy a few tasty puffs. One of the nicest things about vape pens is the lack of smell and the generally mild effects. When you come back, you’ll be feeling pleasantly buzzed, but your oblivious relatives will be none the wiser. Vape away!

If Your Family is Super Chill

Cannabis joint

Ahh, the lucky ones. When your family knows and is completely chill with your cannabis consumption, bring a joint! It’s unlikely that your grandma or great uncle will want to join you for a little post-meal digestion joint, but your fun cousins will know what’s up and you can all step outside to light one up and celebrate the holiday in true fashion: with an herb that goes perfectly with stress, overeating, and playing games with the family. Who knows? Maybe some of your awesome relatives will have arrived with their own cannabis accoutrements in tow and you can all share the bounty. What else are the holidays for, if not spreading the love?

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With that, we wish you the best and most joyous holiday to our Leafly fam out there. May your days be happy, calm, free of disagreements, and filled with the warm fuzzies that come from that little green plant. Happy holidays!

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