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Welcome to the Country’s First Cannabis Speakeasy

January 10, 2019
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(Courtesy of Dana's Place)
As diverse a group as we are, it’s safe to say that almost all cannabis smokers have a common dream: to see cannabis integrated into the public spaces of our everyday lives. And while a few states like Oregon are currently leading the way when it comes to offering space for cannabis public consumption, it surprises no one that Nevada’s already broken through the glass ceiling.

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Having legalized cannabis on July 1st, 2017, the state has already generated $55.53 million in tax collections since recreational sales began. It’s also the home of the biggest dispensary in the world (the 112,000 square foot Planet 13) and is now also home to the world’s first cannabis “speakeasy.”

“When we decided to create this experience in our dispensary, we wanted to offer a safe and comfortable place for consumers to learn about product offerings.”
Ed Bernstein, Co-founder of Las Vegas ReLeaf

Named Dana’s Place, it sits snugly inside the Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary—500 feet off the Strip. The story behind the name is sure to tug a heartstring or two: Named for the late Dana Bernstein, the daughter of Las Vegas ReLeaf co-founder Ed Bernstein, who succumbed to a lifelong struggle with Crohn’s disease in 2017.

“Dana was an inspiration for us when we first opened Las Vegas ReLeaf. She found comfort in medical cannabis, as it eased her painful symptoms,” said Ed. “When we decided to create this experience in our dispensary, we wanted to offer a safe and comfortable place for consumers to learn about product offerings. And naming the space after Dana was a natural way for her legacy to live on.”

Having only just opened on December 10th, the speakeasy is small but cozy. It straddles the area between reception and sales floor, looking like a friendly bar in every respect. A tap handle pours out Cannabiniers’ Two Roots beers, with several brews (IPA, blonde, lager, wheat) available.


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Each “beer” contains less than 0.5% of alcohol, with 5mg of THC per can. Individual cans are priced at $8, with a 6-pack going for $37-40 after tax. It’s the first of several Cannabiniers tasting bars that’ll crop up throughout dispensaries across the country, all of which will showcase the Two Roots Brewing line.

(Courtesy of Dana’s Place)

The beers themselves taste more or less identical to their non-infused counterparts. That’s probably because the beers are imported from California and infused with THC on-site, ensuring consistency in every beer. A few shelves hold other cannabis merch, including Just Society cold brew coffees and BASKiN health and beauty products, with the hopes of adding on other items like the Creative Waters Beverage Company “mocktails” at a later point in time.

It’s a promising step forward in the fight for public consumption, one I hope other states will be inspired by. Grabbing a cannabis beer before sauntering over to the counter for a joint is definitely the best way to spend an evening in Vegas.

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Janelle Lassalle

Janelle Lassalle is a lifestyle writer based in Portland, OR. Her areas of expertise include travel, food and cannabis, with a special place in her heart for the magic that is CBD. Follow her adventures on Instagram @jenkhari.

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