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What’s the Most Popular Fast Food Destination for Hungry Stoners?

September 29, 2017
What’s the Most Popular Fast Food Destination for Hungry Stoners?(spflaum1/iStock)
Taco Bell has “Fourth Meal.” Jack in the Box has “Munchie Mash-Ups.” White Castle has an entire stoner comedy franchise. Although they don’t outright admit it, fast food chains seem to tacitly understand that hungry high customers make up a notable percentage of their sales. But of the many options available, from burgers to tacos to fried chicken, which franchise is the preferred place to quell the munchies?

Green Market Report partnered with Consumer Research Around Cannabis to analyze multiple fast food marketplaces in areas with both a sizable population and legal cannabis. The result: while Taco Bell’s “Late Night Munchies” practically feel like a stoner stereotype, they’re no match for the iconic golden arches.

Most popular fast food restaurants among cannabis consumers (courtesy of Green Market Report)

Over 43% of adults polled who recently purchased legal cannabis visited a McDonald’s within four weeks of their dispensary purchase. Taco Bell and its ridiculously huge menu came in second, with just over 18% of cannabis customers making a “run for the border.”

Granted, McDonald’s has nearly 15,000 locations in the United States compared to Taco Bell’s 7,000, so “elevated” consumers may find it more convenient to find a nearby Mickey D’s than some Doritos Locos action. Subway, however, has almost 27,000 locations nationwide, yet peckish stoners prefer Burger King (which has about 7,500 locations) or Wendy’s (about 5,700 locations) over a footlong sub. (As they should; who craves Subway while high? Actually, their cookies are pretty legit.)


The Science of Munchies: Why Does Cannabis Stimulate Your Appetite?

McDonald’s proved most popular in each of the major markets Green Market Report analyzed: Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Sacramento, and Washington, DC. Lest you think the franchise is surprised by this revelation, recall earlier this summer when one location put up this wink-wink billboard in Colorado:

(Sadly, the billboard was removed because it did “not meet [the company’s] standards.” You’re no fun, corporate headquarters.)

Check out Green Market Report’s full summary and see where franchises like Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr, Chick-fil-A, and KFC stack up in certain cities. In the meantime, what’s your go-to fast food place when your bowl is cashed and your stomach’s rumbling?

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    Wendy’s, In & Out and The Habit are my go to fast food munchie spots.

    • Maurice Thaler



        Hello, sir. I hope you have a wonderful day! Let me alone.

  • Peter Bachmeier

    smoked oysters and oatmeal raison cookies

  • John Vincent Torres

    How do you turn off notifications from Leafly? I didn’t download any apps or sign up for anything, yet it keeps notifying me whenever you guys post stuff like this.

    • Chaosvagslayer1

      what browser are you using?

  • Ashleigh Angel KLein

    In and Out Burger!!

  • Andrew Smith

    Maybe that’s because there’s a McDonald’s everywhere you turn. Can’t seem to get away from them. I prefer pizza and not one of the big three chains but a local mom & pop store near my home.

  • Ron Coletta

    Ive been mixing peanut butter and strawberry preserves together with cinnamon bun yogurt on top then spray whipped cream on top of that. Oh its so fuckin good. Lol

  • Alan McLemore

    HAH!! The good guys are winning, man [:-{D>

  • ThatLibertyGuy

    A quick way of improving America’ s health and well-being would be to immediately de-criminalize marijuana and outlaw McDonalds.

    • SkiDevL

      …throw the banks and big pharma out along with McDisease as well, please.

  • Ville Tuomela

    Its better to make food by self. Fun and better from fresh ingredients

    • LanceJZ

      Not to mention much safer, and cheaper.

  • James

    I can only speak from my own personal years of experience and I would say that Taco Bell is by far number one with most stoners I know and White Castle is pretty close when there is one around. Most stoners I know don’t get overly excited about burgers and fries when they are high. I would say pizza far outranks burgers and fries when high so I find it odd that this article says Mcdonald’s is number one. I would have to say that is near the bottom of the list in my experience. Definitely NOT Subway, too much interaction…

    • tiny molinari

      I say pizza too!…. Let’s keep it real…. when high delivery is king….


    Complete GMO , chemical infested garbage FOOD , wake the f*ck up people !! Have fresh fruits or something .

    • LanceJZ

      Trex, your tin foil hat is on too tight. Everything you eat is “GMO”. Has been for decades. Get over it.

  • Linda Vee Sado

    I am old enough to remember when fast good was actually good. McDonald’s Quarter Pounders were wonderful and juicy in the 1970’s. It’s so bad now I can’t even eat it. It has so much bone and gristle ground in it’s actually crunchy. And who knows what else being that meat comes from double digit sources and all ground together.

  • tiny molinari

    No way….seriously?.. #1=PIZZA, PIZZA,PIZZA…….. maybe it’s that I was blessed to grow up in New Jersey…….. but Pizza is Def. #1 for anyone I know…even here in Idaho…. #2..chinese food….delivery of course….
    McDonald’s.?…NEVER….. ONLY…. on the road and the kids are starving…..ONLY.

    • LanceJZ

      We have ordered pizza delivered before. That is very good.

  • alacrity

    huh… Jack must be kinda disappointed.

  • LettuceCatsMeow

    They should take into account that McDonald’s are open 24 hours while only Subway is the other 24 hour store and there not many with those hours. Wendy’s closes around 12-2am, Burger King closes at midnight, Taco Bell can stay open as late as 5am in some markets but usually close around 2am.

  • c-luv

    WE CAN DO BETTER! This new legal industry of cannabis should also trigger people to start thinking smarter about the kinds of foods they put into their bodies. When I first started experimenting with herb, I ate loads of shit food, AKA Fast Food. But honestly, weed was also the reason I started waking up and realizing that we are what we eat. I watched the movie Supersize Me, and it changed my whole life. That was 12 years ago, and I have not eaten any McDonalds food since then, and eliminated fast food from my daily thought process. I immediately lost 17 lbs, while doing a cleanse. What came out of my body after so much shitty food, was the most horrific, old fecal matter. That locked it in for me that it was a ‘fast food’ habit worthy of giving up! Now I cook with my wife. We save money, and eat WAY healthier. Now I garden, and care about what goes into my guts. This doesn’t mean I’m perfect. But as a culture, as an industry and as a big family of stoners with munchies – WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!!! Give up the fast food. Use weed to get healthier – not fatter and more prone to heart disease. I know I sound preachy… I’m the son of a preacher. 😉

  • Pelu Maad

    Krispy Kreme would blow them all away, if it was nationwide….

  • Pilgrim

    A bowl of lentil and rice soup (homemade) with vegetables and topped with a bit of nutritional yeast. I drive by these fast food franchises and often wonder how they stay in business. If I were an example of typical eating habits, there would not be one of these toxic places anywhere on the earth.

    • cinderabi

      I’m with u! I make all my own soups and eat organically, without all the crap dumped into amerikan processed food. Also, I do not eat mammals, since I am one myself. So mcD’s is not a turn-on for me. I usually want something sort of sweet, so I find cut-up fruit and a nut/seed mix very enjoyable & satisfying. Cannabis is medicine, whether u use it as such or not. So why destroy its healing properties by consuming dead, diseased animals with deadly chemicals and other nasty elements thrown into the mix? I prefer to keep the healing going, especially when I get hungry. Homemade Lentil soup sounds real yummy to me.

    • Rubi Ray

      Your a douche! Pilgrim and Cinderabi, I’ve seen your Facebook feeds. Haha, yall’ should’nt be on the forefront of an eating behaviors. ……clearly you have eatin out before…..your home cooking hasn’t done you no favors. Trust me I don’t want your eating habits lmao! Now shut up with your privileged self absorbed nonsense!

      • Pilgrim

        We vote with our dollars, so if you are content with Monsanto and the present CAFO practices by AG with frequent outbreaks of E.coli and other contaminations, it’s entirely your business what you promote. As to privilege and self-absorption, it is much more economical to prepare food at home. Ask anyone on a budget. If by privilege, you mean I have access to using a stove, then yes, it is a privilege to prepare nutritious meals.

  • zer0pressure

    No love for “Checker’s”? Its my goto munchie location… their fries are gloriously delightful, spiced perfectly and their spicy chicken is the best of the bunch…plus theyre open till like 4am so thats a plus…my number 2 spot is Wawa, but thats regional… mmmmmy $0.02…

  • John Shaffer


  • randolini

    A cold Shiner with a bowl of fresh homegrown tomatoes and chopped onions with a dash of Italian dressing. Nothing better.

    • Eric Ensign

      Shiner like the fish??

      • randolini

        Shiner, like the great beer brewed in Shiner, Tex. It actually has a great taste, unlike the cheesy beer that looks like it came from a urinating horse.

  • kirkmcloren

    Carl’s has the best burgers, blow McD away

    • LanceJZ

      Five Guys has the best burgers and fries ever.

  • LanceJZ

    I buy my snacks ahead of time from a grocery store. I would rather die than go to McDiseases. I’ve never been to the McDiseaes that is just across the street either.

  • SeattleJason

    Wendy’s, because they don’t cut corners.

  • cinderabi

    That billboard was dope! Taking it down just goes to prove that uptight stuffy bureaucratic corporate types don’t have any sense of humor. Lighten up, or maybe just light up, mickey d’s… the only time ur overprocessed food even tastes good is when one is high enough to enjoy it. Otherwise its just more health-destroying, empty-calorie crap made from overly processed foodstuffs.

  • horsemannv

    Just goes to show you that smoking cannabis doesn’t improve your intellect at all.