Smoking a J in your college class: Cool or nah?

Published on September 1, 2020
Sparking up in class: In 2020, you do you in your little Zoom panel. (AdobeStock/Leafly)

Welcome to the first week of college 2020, students. In this surreal world of ours, a few classes are meeting in meatspace, while most students are forced to obtain their college knowledge through smeary laptop monitors. The Boomers had Woodstock. Gen X had Lollapalooza. The Zoom class has become this generation’s bonding event. Sorry about that.

But you’re carrying on, tuning in, and taking notes. And already we have a question of etiquette!

Chris Belcher, a professor of gender studies at the University of Southern California, posted this question on Twitter earlier today.

The response: a flood of answers. Everyone from Roxane Gay to Seth Rogen chimed in.

Am I the asshole for inhaling deeply in class? The consensus seems clear. If you’re in meatspace, take it the fuck outside, pal. Secondhand smoke ain’t cool for anyone, especially those with medical conditions you may be aggravating.

If this is a Zoom panel situation, blaze the hell away. It’s 2020. Self-care is job one. Seth Rogen couldn’t agree more.

Leafly’s own David Bienenstock contributed his well-earned wisdom as well.

Many adopted a live-and-let-live attitude. Others raised objections about lowering the tone of class, implying a disrespect for other students in the class.

Andrew Matranga, a media professor at the University of Denver who’s taught a number of courses on cannabis and journalism, is an old hand at this game. Relax, says he.

Others wondered about what exactly should be expected in the virtual classroom. It should be a safe space for students of all races, genders, religions, and backgrounds. Does that include students who have embraced sobriety or struggle with addiction issues?

I’m going to give the final word to Anthea Butler, associate professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Bruce Barcott
Bruce Barcott
Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott oversees news, investigations, and feature projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.
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