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Watch This: Snoop Dogg Loses to Sugar Ray Leonard on a Cannabis Query During Family Feud

It’s easy to assume that Snoop Dogg’s knowledge of all things cannabis is infallible, but even the Doggfather himself can have an off day, especially when he’s trying to be quick on the draw during a game show. This summer, the rich and famous are pitted against each other on Celebrity Family Feud, hosted by comedian (and crusher of Miss Universe dreams) Steve Harvey. Snoop Dogg appeared on an episode that appropriately aired on Oil Day, and his team comprised of his wife, his son, his daughter, and his cousin. His opponent, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, lead a team that included his daughter, two sons, and his brother-in-law.

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When Snoop and Sugar Ray Leonard squared off at the podium, the question Steve Harvey read seemed written especially for the d-o-double-g:

“Name something Grandma might do if she caught Grandpa smoking marijuana.”

Indeed, Snoop rang in immediately, causing Steve Harvey to poke fun at Sugar Ray Leonard’s historically fast boxer hands getting beat by a perpetually stoned musician. But alas, Snoop’s casual response of “Put hands on ’em” was only the fourth most popular response out of six possible answers, opening the door for Sugar Ray Leonard to best the rap legend.

Despite his misstep, Snoop and his family managed to advance to the Fast Money round, where he competed second and gave a perplexing response to “Fill in the blank: Pie in the ______” with “horse.” Steve Harvey pounced on that blunder, joking, “Folks, when your brain cells have suffered a little bit, you’re gonna have moments like this.” Ah yes, the ol’ stereotypical “Stoners can’t remember anything” trope. Hilarious. I’m surprised Harvey didn’t crack a joke when Snoop responded to “Name something that happens in the month of April” with “April Fool’s Day,” because we all know there’s another April holiday of which Snoop is well aware.

Unsurprisingly, “horse” yielded zero points, but Snoop managed to squeak out a win, anyway. Between Family Feuds and Lip Sync Battles, the Doggfather is racking up quite a win streak lately.

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