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For the First Time, D.C. Residents Can (Legally) Give Cannabis for Christmas

Christmas is here, and Washington, D.C., residents are spreading holiday cheer by giving gifts of cannabis for the first time — the first time legally, at least.

Though lawmakers in the nation's capital still prohibit cannabis federally, growing and consuming it has been allowed in the District itself since Initiative 71 took effect in February. The law still bans buying, selling, and public consumption, but residents can give cannabis as a gift to anyone 21 and older.

There are more than 500 home growers in D.C., by some estimates. And that means plenty of people eager to share their crop with loved ones.

“Giving cannabis has become like the latest, ‘Hey, I baked a pie. I grew this. Would you like it?’” resident Adam Eidinger told a local Fox affiliate. “And it is a very special gift.” We couldn't agree more.

Happy Holidays From All of Us at Leafly

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