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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Accessories

November 28, 2016
  • These stash cases, grinders, cleaning tools, and other cannabis accessories make great stocking stuffers or standalone gifts for your canna-friendly pals.
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    SmellSafe Small HardCase
    This 5”x2” case from Ryot is made of a soft interior padding encased by a hard and protective outer shell to keep your items safe and smell-proof. It's small enough to easily and discreetly carry around yet still big enough to snugly contain a small oil rig, glass pipe, or portable vaporizer.
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  • 2/13
    Soft Pipe Cleaners
    Any product enthusiast should do themselves a favor and pick up these soft pipe cleaners made by Randy’s. Pipe cleaners are an essential tool for getting buildup out of those hard-to-reach spots in your pipe, vaporizer, and other glassware. Comes in a box of 44.
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    Storage Tin
    These tins come in different sizes and are composed of lightweight yet hardy stainless steel. The Storage Tin comes with a triple latch design lock and a thick silicone ring inside the lid for an airtight, secure seal, plus a “Humidipak” holder under the lid to help retain moisture.
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  • 4/13
    4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter with Rotary Crank Handle
    This sturdy stainless steel 4-piece grinder with a rotary crank handle on top of the lid offers effortless grinding. No more twisting and turning thanks to the nifty crank that can help grind your herbs down into the chamber and kief sifter with ease. Available in various colors.
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  • 5/13
    Small Four Piece Herb Grinder
    Coming from Compton Grinders are these high-quality small 50mm 4-piece herb grinders. Each is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum and sharp diamond-pattern teeth for ultimate durability. They come in a variety of colors and even have Teflon O-rings for buttery-smooth grinding.
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  • 6/13
    Metal Rolling Tray
    Roll up your joints, spliffs, and blunts in style with this cool metal rolling tray courtesy of RAW. The tray is lightweight and very smooth for comfortable and easy handling, and the raised sides will prevent stray herbs and other materials from falling onto the ground.
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  • 7/13
    Hybrid Titanium Quartz Nail and Carb Cap Dab Kit
    This handy little device is a must-have for any dedicated dabber. The multi-use tool involves both a quartz nail that converts to either a male or female joint and a titanium carb cap to assist with dabbing at lower temperatures for better flavor and smoother hits.
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  • 8/13
    The Globfather Titanium Dabber 7.5 Inch
    Happy Daddy’s 7.5-inch “The Globfather” Titanium Dabber is made from a high-quality titanium that will stand the test the time. It features a shovel-like end that will help contain your dab once it starts to vaporize and melt.
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  • 9/13
    4-Piece Herb Grinder and Sifter
    This small 4-piece herb grinder by Phoenician is made from medical-grade aluminum that has been de-burred and anodized for a really smooth yet graspable feel. Thanks to a threadless quick notch system, one twist is all you need to either lock or take the grinder apart.
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  • 10/13
    Original Personal Air Filter
    Need a little help keeping your toking under wraps? Created to eliminate secondhand smoke, the Smokebuddy also converts the smoke you exhale into odorless air, making it the perfect device for consuming your favorite herbs unnoticed. Good for up to 300 uses.
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  • 11/13
    Mini Nectar Collector Kit
    This nectar collector has a detachable neck water chamber for smooth and convenient vaping, and there’s even a glass dish included to provide a clean and clear surface to place your concentrates.
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  • 12/13
    Non-Stick Containers 5 Jar Set
    Containing and managing those super sticky concentrates can be frustrating. These silicone concentrate containers are platinum-cured in order to be sturdier, non-stick, odorless, and heat-resistant. Come in packs of 5.
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  • 13/13
    SmellSafe HeadCase
    The SmellSafe HeadCase from Ryot offers a slightly bigger storage option for small water pipes, bubblers, portable vaporizers, and spoon pipes. At 6”x2.5”, it can be stowed and kept out sight as well as out of smell thanks to a microscopic carbon enclosure and sturdy, lockable zippers.
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Leafly’s 2016 holiday gift guide is sponsored by – The World’s Online Smoke Shop.

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