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3 Cannabis Products That Can Pamper You Post-Breakup

If you, like me, are facing the aftermath of a breakup, you should focus your energy on some self-care. I recommend trying this trio of cannabis-infused products, as they are some of the best self-care items I’ve found to be helpful when dealing with heartbreak.

Cannabis-Infused Epsom Salt Soak (Alaea Hawaiian) by Sacred

Cannabis-Infused Epsom Salt Soak (Alaea Hawaiian) by Sacred
After receiving this bath soak several weeks ago, I knew I wanted to try it but decided to save it for when I really needed it. This week was the week. After being sick with a cold for the first half of the week and going through a breakup the rest of the week, my body needed some TLC.

I drew myself a bath and lit some candles and Nag Champa incense to make my bath feel more like a spa, then pulled out the 6-oz jar and read the instructions. They were very thorough, which I appreciated. For a bath, you could either use half of the package or the entire thing for maximum effect. With that in mind, I dumped the whole container into my bath water and swirled it around to dissolve the salt crystals.

The directions went on to encourage at least 15-20 minutes of soaking for full absorption. I eased myself in, pressed play on my bath playlist, and began breathing deeply. Ten minutes in, I could feel my large muscle groups start to unclench. At 20 minutes, all of my submerged body parts felt completely loose and relaxed. My skin felt soft and supple, and by the time I got out, my body was completely devoid of tension.

One word of advice for this particular formulation: it leaves an oily red residue all over the tub, so plan to have to deal with that after your bath is over.

Ingredients: Hybrid cannabis, Alaea Hawaiian salt, avocado oil, jojoba oil, Hawaiian volcanic clay, vitamin E oil

Hepburns Petite Pre-Rolls

Hepburns Petite Pre-Rolls
I could write a love letter to these pre-rolls. How do I love thee, Hepburns? Let me count the ways. First, the packaging is spectacular. Such a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing design. Five petite pre-rolls and a Hepburns sticker are nestled inside a metal slide-top box. On the back of the box are three fill-in-the blank lines (one each for “Cannabis,” “Ice Water Hash,” and “Made with Love”) with the handwritten inscriptions “Angel OG,” “Berry White,” and “Allie,” respectively. I love the idea of the person who rolled the cones signing the packaging. It’s a beautiful personal touch that really elevates this to a luxury brand. The attention to detail is so lovely.

When I am going through a breakup, my anxiety tends to spike. Having a gorgeous tin of cones on hand made me feel like I was really treating myself. The effects of combining Angel OG flower with Berry White ice water hash is…wow. Let me warn you, these little cones pack a punch! They’re amazing, but paying attention to dosing and doing a little at a time is a good way to go. I can get three different sesh times on just one cone.

The high starts behind the eyes and spreads like a warm blanket over your head and down your shoulders and chest. Everything just melts like butter and I feel completely peaceful. These are, hands down, the best pre-rolls I have ever smoked.

CBD 1:1 Lip Petal Balm by Nature Nurse

CBD 1:1 Lip Petal Balm by Nature Nurse
The infused balm by Nature Nurse has been a consistent comfort this week. My lips were chapped from all the dehydration-inducing crying and nose blowing, and this lip balm felt calming and nourishing. The 1:1 ratio helps cut down on low-level anxiety and the portability of a lip product allows me to medicate throughout the day. There are no psychoactive effects, even after licking my lips and applying more. I love that I can get a nice little boost of cannabinoids on the go, and within about 10 minutes of application, I can feel the difference.

Ingredients: CO2 cannabis extract, CBD hemp oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, babassu oil, hempseed oil, avocado oil, beeswax, essential oils (clove, orange, lavender, peppermint, grapefruit)

What are your go-to products when your heart is aching? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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