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5 new Canadian cannabis topicals

Published on January 28, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Topicals haven’t been getting as much buzz as other Legalization 2.0 launches like colourful bottles of cannabis-infused seltzers, or dosed sweets like chocolates and gummies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our attention.

Preliminary studies into cannabis-infused salves and creams have been positive, shown to relieve muscle and joint pain, and in some cases, positively reduce inflammation from skin conditions like acne and eczema.

There’s also a lot of hearsay about their efficacy—just ask your friend who religiously uses her grey market tub of salve to mitigate migraine pain—but those who’ve tried topicals swear by them.

In layman’s terms, topicals are a collection of products, usually creams, salves, oils, or sprays, which can be absorbed by the skin, but also used on the scalp, hair, or nails. In Canada, 1,000 milligrams of THC is the max legal dose per product, but the sky’s the limit for CBD.

Here are five new topicals launching in Canadian this year.


Maker: United Greeneries/Harvest One
Dose: Varies
Price: Approx. $59.99, varies by region and retailer

LivRelief Transdermal CBD Creams will be sold in a 50 ml pots and come in two doses: one with 125 mg THC and 125 mg CBD and another with just 250 mg of CBD. Both LivRelief creams, which have a mid-February launch, use Delivra technology to penetrate the skin tissue and target that achy problem area.

Mother & Clone

Maker: 48North
Dose: 7.5 ml spray bottle with 100 mg of THC (80 x 1.25 mg per spray)
Price: Starting from $25, varies by region and retailer

Mother & Clone is already a much loved brand in the States and its topicals, including the sublingual nanospray that we’re getting in Canada by May 2020, are suitable for almost all skin types. The nanospray works fast. Relief from external pain caused by everything from period cramps to sore muscles post crossfit can be felt within 60 seconds and lasts up to an hour.


Maker: 48North
Price: Starting from $25, varies by region and retailer

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Apothecanna, another well-known brand name south of the border (it launched over a decade ago), is also coming to Canada courtesy of 48North. Apothecanna will sell a comprehensive line of products from coast to coast, starting with an extra strength body cream (dosed at 25 mg THC and 25 mg CBD in a 2 oz package) that will be available in February. A rollout of other products to come in March includes a more potent body cream (100 mg THC and 100 mg CBD), an extra strength body oil (100 mg THC and 100 mg CBD), and a calming cream (25 mg THC and 25 mg CBD).

Earth Dragon Organics

Maker: Pasha Brands
Price: Starting from $12, varies by region and retailer

Earth Dragon Organics’ Tranquillo balm is a heat activated THC topical that helps reduce muscle and body pain, but without the psychoactive effects you get from smoking or eating cannabis. The BC-based brand (its roots are in Salt Spring Island) has teamed up with Pasha Brands to bring its THC- and CBD-infused creams to the masses.

Aphria x Manna

Maker: Aphria
Price: TBD

Last year Aphria and Manna Molecular Science inked a deal to develop transdermal patches infused with cannabis oil. Yup, like The Patch, but instead of birth control meds, it administers weed. At this time, Aphria doesn’t have an updated timeline on when these patches will launch to market, but it’s a unique product offering that’s worth watching.

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