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The Best and Worst Blunt Wrappers: A Definitive (and Completely Subjective) Ranking

July 18, 2017
(Adrienne Allen/Leafly)(Adrienne Allen/Leafly)
Blunts. You like blunts, I like blunts, Rihanna likes blunts. We all like blunts. In fact, I like them so much that one day I was smoking a Swisher Sweet full of some Chemdawg when I asked myself which blunt wrap is the best. Even though I knew the answer was the one I was holding, I couldn’t really make that call until I tried each type that I could get my hands on. Next thing you know, I’m driving all over the city picking up a pack of every single wrap behind every single counter until I had eight or nine different types.

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The result of my experiment is a completely subjective ranking of blunt wraps from best to worst. You’re welcome.

Definitely, Yep, Always


Swisher Sweets

Swisher Sweets are the perfect cigarillo and anyone who disagrees can see me in the front yard. They burn properly, they’re rarely stale, and you can get them at any gas station on any corner. Those are the three most important qualities when it comes to scooping sticks.

ACID Cigarillos

Acid wraps are dope because they’re made of natural leaf. They also come from the Swisher Sweet company. I like these because you can taste the cannabis more when you smoke. They’re a tiny bit tougher to roll just because they don’t stick together as easily, but outside of that, they’re quality.


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Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters surprised me because I’d never tried them before. At first I wasn’t sure because they hit a little weird, but I found myself going back for another pack of these a few days later. When smoking them, more air flies through to the point that you aren’t sure if you’re even getting any smoke. But one exhale clears that out pretty quickly.

I Mean, If We Haaaave To…

(Courtesy of Zig Zag)

White Owls

White Owls used to be the shit, but they began to disappoint over time. I still appreciate one every now and then, but I no longer compare them favorably to Swisher Sweets. That’s just blasphemy at this point. It’s like in 2009 when Chris Paul and Deron Williams were the arguments for Best PG in the NBA, but now you look back like “Lol, what the hell was wrong with me?” Still a good stick, though. Don’t get me wrong. They aren’t trash. There are just better options.

Zig Zag Cigarillos

Zig Zag Cigarillos aren’t all the way terrible, but I wouldn’t get them again. They smoke weird and roll weird. Plus, in my opinion, they get stale quicker because I had to buy two packs to finally get a smokeable one. They burn too quickly for me. You can’t toss one around in a session and have any conversation, because every second it’s just buuuurning through the greens. They’re meh, ya know. Just meh.


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I’d Rather Just Use Shoebox Paper

(Courtesy of Optimo)

Zig Zag Wraps

I hate these. I hate the texture, I hate the way they burn, I hate everything about them. Pull one out of the package and the wrap feels way too moist for my liking. It’s like damn, was it doing cardio in there? Is this sweat? What the hell is going on here? The only plus is that it comes with that straw, which can be used for packing purposes. I can respect that.

Game/Garcia Y Vega

These suck. They don’t stay lit, and they’re hard as hell to roll because they won’t stick. I don’t respect the leaf they’re made out of. I don’t respect the fact that I’m not sure if Game is the Garcia Y Vega brand that used to be at 7-Eleven but has since disappeared. I feel like they are because they’re exactly the same, but I can’t respect needing a Google search for the answer. My little cousin told me they’re his favorite and right then I should’ve known better. 19-year olds don’t know shit about shit.


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Right now there’s someone screaming how Backwoods are actually the best. Fuck that and fuck them. Okay, I’m sorry, they didn’t deserve that but I’m willing to stand on this hill for as long as it takes. These things weren’t as hard to roll as I anticipated, but that heavy-ass cigar hit that comes with them is dumb as hell. If I wanted to smoke a cigar, I’d smoke a cigar. I’m here for the cannabis, my dudes. Bottom line: Backwoods are bad. They should be called…wait for it…Badwoods. I’ll see myself out.


No. Absolutely not. I scooped at a random Valero on my way back from a road trip and was like hmm…I remember my uncles used to smoke big-ass Optimo cigars when I was a kid, but I don’t remember seeing them in cigarillo form. So I bought them, and honestly, the next time I pass that gas station I plan on stopping and asking for my money back. It might not be soon, but when the time comes, they will pay what they owe.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is an Associate Subject Matter Expert for Leafly, where he specializes in informational and lifestyle content pertaining to cannabis strains and products. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • Random Pothead

    I agree with almost all of this list except for one thing: fuck Acid Cigars.
    They used to be the shit but then they started replacing their innerwrap with a clove blend and now the entire cigar taste like cloves. Who the fuck wants to smoke a clove blunt?
    Nasty ass shit; ruins my weed. Also I’m going to throw this out here for the people that might not know: there is a brand of cigar wraps called Kingpin that make a hemp line. They have a flavor called Spanish fly. Best cigar wrap for clean hits.
    Oh and one more while I’m at it the Starbuzz Hookah company makes their own cigarillos in hookah flavors.
    Beautiful work, perfectly flavored, similar to white owls in rolling difficulty, but more than worth it.

  • Cody Bates

    Swissers an white owls r the best most the time here in the deep south ark were I’m from but my still go to cigars r pom-poms three pack for a dollar an the roll good an smoke good

    • Chris Shelton

      Gotta agree I just tried pom.poms they have strong flavor and a game type leaf .. burns super slow tastes amazing.

  • Chris Shelton

    Swisher sucks the most bro Burns fast…. Game by Vega is way better u need to learn to Pearl leafs 1 there no tobacco… To it’s natural leaf. 3 I’ve never had a problem rolling or blowing them…… And the very best top three for me and everyone I know….
    1 juicy Jay all natural hemp wraps…. Slowest burn

    2. Good times 4k.. 4 for a Buck very good quality slow burn great taste….

    3 raw.. Raw cones raw papers , the best hands down slow even burn.. Plus I taste the green not paper…….

    Everything else @ gas stations are trash including those skinny little can’t afford a fatty swishers…

    • Kodyshopu

      Nayural leaf is tobacco dumbass

      • Chris Shelton

        Learn to spell … and I am talking about juicy jay hemp wraps.. not paper.. and raw not tobacco neither are tobacco..


    Yo Dante this list is definitely subjective. First of all as far as store bought blunts go, backwoods are the best. Skilled rollers like myself and others from the east don’t use the whole blunt. I take what I need and recycle the rest. Leaving significantly less of the cigar taste you described. I now reside in Colorado and backwoods are somewhat scarce. But good bud is not. Can’t find fronto leaf(which is better than all that shit) at all. So I order them online. Everyone that I smoke fronto with falls in love with it. Only problem is, it seems like y’all west of the Mississippi been rolling swishers for so long that you treat every blunt like one. Much love to all smokers in the West. But do yourself a favor and diversify your blunts! R.I.P. El Productos. Your capacity is missed. Good riddance Phillies Blunt.

    • HonkyGeorge

      I agree. Swishers are a west coast phenomenon. People trick themselves into liking them.

      I love Backwoods.

  • HonkyGeorge

    “Right now there’s someone screaming how Backwoods are actually the best. Fuck that and fuck them.”

    I’m that person. If you don’t want the cigar taste, why smoke a blunt in the first place? The extra nicotine is a nice boost, and they’re a well made product.

    Amy Anonymous agrees with me, and I value her opinion over yours.

  • Smokette

    I personally like White Owls the best (green sweets) they are easy to roll, they burn right and they taste good

  • Toni Maccaden

    I stopped reading after “swisher sweets are the perfect cigarillo”

  • Reece Quesada

    you are tweaked swisher sweets taste like cardboard.

  • Conner Galloway

    I personally prefer white owl just because I feel like it has a tad bit more flavor and they burn slower. I also don’t mind Good Times if I’m low on cash, they can be complicated to roll at times, but they are a good choice if you’re low on cash if you don’t mind quantity over quality. I always stay away from those 4 or 5 for 99 “value” packs though, they are always stale or ripped when rolling them up

  • trancetunes

    dutch masters are the best blunt.

  • deewuzhere

    Ducth masters all day. But very accuarate reviews. Fuck woods.

  • Prodigy7991

    This article is depressing, once you smoke a leaf you never go back .. And swisher sweets really ? Are you serious ? Yuck …

  • DB Coop

    Dude something is wrong in your brain to think Garcia Vega isn’t one of the best.. Game cigarillos are easly one of the best tasting, longest burning.. easy to roll cigars I’ve found… to even think Acid Wraps compare is sickening.. they burn too fast and taste like shit

  • zendell washington

    What a travesty this article is. Optimo (which is distibuted by Swisher International) & Game/Vega are severely underrated. Extreme bias was shown here and I urge everyone to try them & form their own opinion. Especially if you are a fan of Dutch Masters or Dutch Fusion as there are many parallels amongst their respective leaf and cigarillo options. IMHO & all things considered, I rate these products as follows: Optimo > Game > Dutch > Vega > Backwoods > White Owl > Swisher > ACID > Zig Zag. If there is any curiousity about why I ordered them in this fashion I am willing to give details and recommendations based on your personal preference.

  • dontu

    I was reading this whole thing and I was like what the fuck? this author has everything backwards. zig zags wraps, especially blueberry, are the shit, optimo blues and mangos are the shit, any white owl is the shit, anything swisher makes is garbage, dutches are lame but I do crave one once in a while, game greens and game leafs are okay, and backwoods are nice once in a while.

  • Seth T Wilson

    Wack ass list. Games are my go to, Backwoods are okay and some people insist on them, and Swishers are just weird sugary paper. The only things we agree on are that Dutches smoke okay (the rip way too easily though) and that ZigZags suck, especially the wraps. I don’t mind Optimos, but anywhere that sells them sells Games. Acid is too uncommon here for me to comment on – only smoked them a couple times and find them to be expensive.
    Preferred: Game
    Alternate choices: Backwoods, Optimo, Dutch, Game Leaf
    Preferably not: White Owl
    Only if someone else rolled it: Swisher, Zigzag, any off-brand generic stuff