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Boo! Leafly’s Top 5 Strains for Halloween Night

Published on October 31, 2013 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Happy Halloween, Leafly readers! In order to help you celebrate, we’ve complied a brief list of our top five spooky strains. Our only advice? Try not to eat too much candy, and you might want to think twice before braving that haunted corn maze.

Here are our picks: 

1. Zombie OG

Zombie OG is a classic choice for those who’d like to show their holiday cheer with a movie marathon and a personal pack of mini candy bars. More Shaun of the Dead than 28 Days Later, Zombie OG is a potent indica that will leave you brainless and catatonic. 

2. Durban Poison

This spooky strain has truly mind-altering effects. Durban Poison is a surefire sativa, energizing consumers while creating an almost out of body sensation. One word of caution: be wary of the monsters out on Halloween night; this strain might make them seem just a little too realistic. 

3. Jack the Ripper

While the Jack the Ripper is perhaps the most frightening in our cast of Halloween strains, strength and stealth are the only things this Jack has in common with the real deal. Overall this hybrid is quite happy and uplifting. With all the giggling you’ll be doing, you probably won’t have the willpower to hunt for potential victims. 

4. Black Widow

Be careful, because this strain sure can bite. Naturally high in THC, you can feel Black Widow’s psychoactive effects almost immediately after your first taste. Novice consumers should start out tentatively; much like its namesake, this hybrid doesn’t mess around. 

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5. Green Goblin

From the much hated Spiderman nemesis to the ever so meticulous bankers in Harry Potter, goblins have taken on many forms over the ages. This particular monster takes shape as a heavy-hitting sativa. It's the perfect choice for a night filled with all sorts of tomfoolery. The only thing Green Goblin can truly scare is the pumpkin pie at your office Halloween party. 

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