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Smoking Accessories: Balancing Authenticity and Design in Trays, Pipes, Bubblers and More

Marley Natural
Presented ByMarley NaturalPublished on April 5, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

This article is sponsored by Marley Natural. Dedicated to creating uniquely designed accessories, Marley Natural offers an elevated line of smoking products for discerning connoisseurs. Balancing intuitive form with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents, the line caters to a personalized and very sensory approach to the classic ritual of smoking.

Given that the Marley name is one of the most iconic in history, creating a line of premium quality smoking accessories that resonates with family heritage was no easy task. “My father’s vision was to create a greater sense of wellness, universal harmony, and positive change,” says Bob’s daughter, Cedella Marley. “He believed in the life-enhancing benefits of the herb and the experiences that come with that.”

Because Bob Marley utilized the herb daily, Marley Natural products are intended to lend themselves to constant use for years to come, while at the same time communicating great respect for the plant that Bob Marley so loved. To do all this, Marley Natural’s diverse team of artists and product designers headed to Jamaica to soak up the island nation’s landscape, traditions, and one-of-a-kind culture that would inspire the accessory line.

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Jamaican Inspiration for Marley Natural

Jamaica mountains shrouded in fog

“Unique design is a cornerstone of our brand, and something we apply across all of our product categories,” explains Tahira Rehmatullah, General Manager of Marley Natural. “Just as Bob Marley’s music is timeless, we want our products to evoke that in their design.”

Marley Natural’s accessories line is directly inspired by Jamaica’s lush landscape, crystalline waters and abundant natural beauty, as well as the culture of conscientious cannabis consumption that has long characterized the vibrant Caribbean nation.

At the same time, though, modern aesthetics were integral to the brand. Stereotypical Rastafarian motifs slapped onto smoking accessories had long since reached the point of saturating the market and trivializing Jamaican cannabis culture, and Marley Natural was determined to steer clear of the same clichés. The designs had to be understated yet timeless.

Jamaica's Cannabis Roots: The History of Ganja on the Island

The Ritual of Smoking in Jamaica

Sketch of one of Marley Natural's cannabis accessories

As Marley Natural let island inspiration and Marley family values guide it through numerous iterations of each pipe, tray and more to create a truly luxurious set, it had to keep another brand cornerstone in mind at the same time. The collection is about facilitating the ritual of smoking, so each accessory had to sit naturally in the hand and lend itself to easy cleaning. As such, each piece features an ergonomic design, and comes apart easily for cleaning and maintenance. Marley Natural wanted consumers to feel that they would be comfortable not only using the pieces frequently, but displaying them in their homes.

The accessories’ wood itself is both deluxe and sustainably grown, while the hand-blown glass showcases the smoke. Meanwhile, the slight curves in the wood are a reflection of the rounded coconut chalices that are frequently used for smoking on the island.

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Bob Marley’s Legacy

The entire Marley Natural cannabis accessory line

At present the accessory line includes a small taster, spoon pipe, large steamroller, bubbler, small tray, large tray, holder and case, all designed to coexist beautifully and complement one another. The design of these original products took about a year from start to finish, and another round of products are currently in development. The Marley Natural team continues to work directly with the Marley family and keep up with contacts in Jamaica at all times, connections which directly influence new products in development. So far, the response to the accessory line has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Everything starts with the family principles and who we are as the Marley family,” says Bob’s son Rohan Marley. “We’re Bob’s children and we have a high regard for doing things the right way, so it’s not just beneficial to oneself but to the earth and humanity.” As he notes with pride, “My father was a part of social change and still is a part of social change.”

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Marley Natural
Presented ByMarley Natural
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