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Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $20-$50
Presented Byvapor.comPublished on November 17, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The 2017 Leafly Gift Guide: $20-$50

Don’t look now, but we’re out of Secret Santa territory and into options for your gift list proper.

(Patrick Barta for Leafly)

A token of appreciation for your favorite people shouldn’t break the bank, though. That’s why we’re happy to share these gift suggestions for your cannabis-consuming friends and family that are easy on the wallet.

Kraken Grinders Hex Ridge 4-Piece Grinder

Smoke Cartel; $26
The Kraken is a fantastic all-in-one grinder with machined edges that ensure a solid grip and a compact size that makes it easy to take on the go.

Ombre Arc Fuel-Free Lighter

Tetra; $25

The Ombre arc lighter fires up in any weather and never needs a fuel refill. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

The sparkling metallic finish on this lighter from Tetra isn’t the only eye-catching thing about it. Arc technology lets you light your smoke or spliff with a purple spark that’s windproof, non-toxic, and never needs a refill.

Shine Woven Blunt Wrap

Shine Papers; $28
The holidays are a great time to get silly indulgent, and nothing says silly indulgent like Shine’s 24K gold papers interwoven with a natural tobacco blunt wrap.

Source Slim 3 Vaporizer Travel Kit

Sponsored byVaporNation; $49.95

The popular Source Orb has been remixed into a more compact, pocket-friendly design that can go wherever you do for a convenient, discreet dab of your favorite cannabis wax or other concentrate.

Hair and Scalp Tonic

Fig + Yarrow; $34
Hemp oil is a key ingredient in this multi-purpose grooming tonic from Fig + Yarrow that feeds, conditions, and restores hair, scalp, and beards without skipping a beat.

The Leafly Guide to Cannabis

Leafly; $29

Leafly: now in analog! (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Living in fear of an internet outage because it will cut you off from Leafly? We totally get that! (Also: we are very flattered!). The Leafly Guide to Cannabis can keep you in touch with our cannabis experts even if your router is doing that thing again. This handsome hardcover releases in December, and you can pre-order it now at a discount!

Stash Box Fanny Pack With Built-In Speakers

iRollie; $34.95
Fanny pack? Stash kit? Portable speakers? This all-in-one kit checks so many utility boxes, you’ll never want to leave home without it.

Gemstone Bracelet With Sterling Silver Cutout Charm

Genifer M.; $39.95
A piece of jewelry that goes with everything can be hard to come by, but these understated charm bracelets offer just enough glitz to catch the eye, making them an ideal low-key accessory for a t-shirt and jeans, formal wear, and everything in-between.

Honey Stick Bee Keeper

Sponsored byVaporNation; $29.99

Good things come in small packages during the holidays, and one of our favorite things is the Bee Keeper. This wax vaporizer packs a mighty punch despite its diminutive dimensions, and its small size makes it the perfect choice for your friends who prefer to remain anonymous.

Rolled Cigarette Case

This case from designer JvdF is perfect for anyone looking to keep a couple of joints close at hand, but do it in style. Slim, elegant lines and classic styling pair with a shiny nickel finish for a stash case that’s appealing without being flashy.

Sigur Rós Wild Sigurberry High CBD Gumdrops

Lord Jones; $40

Each package contains nine berry-flavored, CBD-infused gummies. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

A beautiful and delicious collaboration between the CBD specialists at Lord Jones and the acclaimed Icelandic musicians of Sigur Ros, these CBD-infused gumdrops ship anywhere in the US in a package inspired by Iceland’s wildlife, and draw their flavor profile from a blend of the island’s many wild berries.
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