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Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $100-$200
Presented Byvapor.comPublished on November 17, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The 2017 Leafly Gift Guide: $100-$200

OK, so maybe it’s been a long year for you and yours. Do you really want to surprise your nearest and dearest and send 2017 out on a strong note? It’s not gonna be cheap, but we’ve got you covered.

(Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Cannabis gear doesn’t always mean yet another smoking tool. The items you’ll find at this price point will help bakers bake, vapers vape, fashionistas accessorize, and smokers of all stripes keep their gear safe and sound. Of course, you’ll also find some particularly beautiful and unique smoking gear as well.

The Executive

Cannacase; $110
After the holiday season comes to a close, you’ll want to show off your new toys. Now you can take them on a road trip without worrying about their safety by packing them in the foam and plastic security of the Cannacase Executive.

Launch Box Kit

Sponsored by VaporNation; $119

Powered by a pair of rechargeable AA batteries, Magic Flight’s flagship product is a dependable, easy-to-operate flower vaporizer that will never let you down. And since it’s available in a wide variety of finishes and multiple laser-etched designs, every piece can be personalized for a special someone on your list.

Stashtray Book Bundle

Myster; $150

For your friend who can never find their lighter…or their pipe…or their cannabis…or their concentrates…the Stashtray is a great way to keep everything in one place and look good doing it.

Cyclone Helix

DankStop; $119

Too many tubes, you say? There’s simply no such thing. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Suitable for smoking flower or taking a dab of your favorite extract, multiple chambers in this rig recycle smoke to provide a smooth hit from a piece of glass that would look right at home in a mad scientist’s lab.

Boost: Black Edition

Dr. Dabber; $159.95

Large nails and powerful, modular heating elements make the Boost: Black Edition an easy choice for any dab enthusiast on your list. And since it already comes packaged in a gorgeous wooden box, all you have to do is get it wrapped!

Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

Sponsored by VaporNation; $174.95

If you’re shopping for a culinary-minded cannabis enthusiast, you can’t beat the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor. This kitchen appliance makes it easy to make cannabis-infused butters, oils, and other ingredients that will make life easier—and more fun—for aspiring chefs and seasoned bakers alike.

Gold Crystal GeoPipe

Stonedware; $170
Every one of these porcelain pipes is hand-cast and coated in a series of glazes that produces their unique crystalline finishes. The result is one-of-a-kind smoking experience that’s also quick and easy to clean.

Zarina Ceramic Pipe

Miwak Junior; $180

Stoneware and 22k gold combine for simple elegance in this hand pipe. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

The Zarina’s ceramic body is designed to feel simple and natural in the palm of the hand, like a good skipping stone, while the 22-karat gold accents and bowl ensure you’ll never want to let this beautiful, hand-finished piece get that far away.

Men’s Pocket-Sized Carry-All

Asche; $175
Most high-end stash bags lean toward the feminine end of the spectrum, making this carry-all with sharp lines, clean design, and no frills a welcome breather that blends right in with jeans and a backpack or a suit and briefcase.

FlytLab Lift Vaporizer

Sponsored by VaporNation; $149.99

One of the most discreet flower vaporizers on the market, the Lift fits a lot of features into a small footprint, including multiple heat settings, a retractable glass mouthpiece that preserves the natural taste of herb, and even a blended heating source that combines hot air convection with a ceramic heating element to vaporize every available millimeter of surface area.

Honeybird Delux Kit

Nectar Collector; $199.99
This elegantly crafted glass bulb-and-quartz-tip combo pairs with a butane torch and little water to produce smooth, filtered dabs that are easy to moderate and control. Choose whether you want a little nip or a rip that sends you roaring.

Elephant Joint Clip Necklace

Asche; $195

This gorgeous gold-plated elephant necklace proves looking fancy and being useful always go together. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

This petite pachyderm pendant has a hidden purpose: a removable trunk that doubles as a joint clip. And since a portion of the proceeds from every one of these wearable works of art benefits the African Wildlife Foundation, your fingertips won’t be the only thing this gift helps save.
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