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Product Review: The Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL Vape Pen

December 19, 2016

Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL vape pen.

The Flosstradamus at a Glance

Product type: Portable vaporizer pen for concentrates

Manufacturer: SOURCEvapes

Price: $119.95

Features: 2-piece design, 8 temperature/voltage settings, 1-gram capacity, 30w battery with 8v of power, lifetime warranty


  • A Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL attachment
  • A SOURCE orb XL Gr1 quartz triple coil atomizer
  • A quartz SOURCE nail coil-less atomizer
  • A SOURCE volt 30w variable voltage sub-ohm battery
  • A dabbing tool,
  • A charging cable,
  • A Flosstradamus SOURCEvapes XL travel case

Initial Impressions

Flosstradamus concentrate vape pen: first impressions
When I first popped open the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL vape pen’s travel case, the first thing I noticed was its slick yet heavy-duty appearance. The concentrate pen is a product of 2-piece design: a sturdy tank-like battery that attaches to the very solid SOURCE orb XL attachment containing both the atomizer and mouthpiece. Screwing the two pieces together completes the design, giving the pen a tall, slim, and industrious look thanks to the monochrome gunmetal color of the battery and attachment.

The Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL looks very cool when put together, which goes a long way because it’s not the most portable concentrate pen to carry around. When assembled, the pen stands at around six inches tall. Its height combined with the vaporizer’s slight heft makes the device great for carrying in a backpack but not so much in a pocket or small purse.

Thankfully, the included travel case makes transporting and setting up the vape a breeze. The Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL has a weight to it that feels like you almost have a piece of machinery in your hand, but it also never feels like a burden to hold.

Loading and Operating the Flosstradamus

Loading and operating the Flosstradamus concentrate vape pen

Loading up the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL vape pen with my Plushberry wax is similar to loading any other concentrate vape pen. I thought it was really cool that SOURCEvapes gave me some options by providing both a quartz triple coil atomizer and a completely coil-less quartz atomizer. Since I’ve always used a coil atomizer in the past, I decided to try out the coil-less one, which was as easy as screwing the atomizer onto the bottom of the mouthpiece once I was done using the dab tool to load a little bit of rosin. SOURCEvapes claims the chamber can hold up to one gram of your concentrate of choice, but I personally like to go with a little bit at a time.

Once I loaded the chamber with my concentrate and screwed it onto both the battery and the rest of the orb attachment, I clicked the square button at the top of the battery five times to bring the vape to life. Instead of switching through various temperature settings, the SOURCE volt battery allows users to alter the power output capacity up to either eight volts or 30 watts, depending on which settings are toggled by pressing the square power button three times. I had never used a battery that operated in such a way before, but after some testing I was able to find a voltage range that worked for me.

I really liked that I could lock in my power settings by just pressing the up and down arrow buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. SOURCE recommends sticking with volts instead of watts unless you’re a more advanced user of devices like this, so I stuck with voltage based on the manufacturer’s suggestion and because it’s a smaller range of numbers to deal with.

Despite these alternative power output settings, finding the right settings on the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL was a simple process of trial and error and just feeling what’s right for you. Not only was I able to lock in my preferred power output, the battery contains a chip that keeps the output in a safe and enjoyable range.

Vaping with the Flosstradamus

Vaping with the Flosstradamus concentrate vape pen
The Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL vape pen rips at a very high and surprisingly consistent level of quality. Holding the square button and inhaling converts the LED screen on the button into a timer display that shows you how long your hit is, which is a very cool feature. It times out after 10 seconds, but it was always fun to see just how long each of my hits were.

As for the vape quality itself. I was constantly greeted with a solid amount of tasty vapor no matter how long my session was, so I was always left with a stoned smile on my face after each use. This probably has a lot to do with me switching out the triple-coil atomizer for the quartz coil-less one, but I was never let down with this vape during my time with it. Whether I wanted to crank the voltage and get a massive hit or keep things on the lower side and sip from it over a longer period of time, the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL delivered the experience I wanted to get out of it each time.

One super-cool feature is that the middle panel of the Orb attachment just above the loading chamber swivels to reveal up to five small holes on each side. You can adjust the panel to uncover a particular amount of holes depending on the amount of outside airflow you wanted to get. I thought this was a great feature to add for more customization, and I felt myself switching up the amount of exposed gaps to experience the different types of airflows. That along with the strong, reliable, yet flexible battery performance made me always excited to pick up and use the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL, which is pretty huge for someone like myself who usually prefers flower over concentrates.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL vape pen was a blast to use for both its form and function. Its sleek, industrial look and feel snags some style points while being properly matched with strong and reliable vaping performance. Converting from temperatures to volts and watts wasn’t too difficult, and the draw timer and airflow holes made it easier for me to reach the high I wanted with easy efficiency.

Quality Vape Pens: How to Choose the Safest and Best Vaporizer

To me, these factors all heavily outweigh the slight bulkiness of carrying this vape around fully assembled or in two pieces, and going for a cool $119.95 makes this vape a steal in my opinion. There aren’t too many other concentrate vapes at that price point that offer the same durability, performance, and range of options as the Flosstradamus.

Taking all of that into consideration, I would gladly recommend the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL vape pen for anyone looking for a durable and powerful portable vaporizer for your concentrates at an affordable price.

Have you tried the Flosstradamus SOURCE Orb XL vape pen? If so, leave a review on our products page!

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