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How Hemp CBD Products Are Made: CBD Salves With Made By Hemp

Made By Hemp
Presented ByMade By HempPublished on June 21, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

This article is presented by Made By Hemp, a Michigan-based CBD retailer dedicated to providing customers with high quality hemp-based products to improve their wellness and quality of life. 

Made By Hemp started out as a wholesaler and distributor of CBD-infused products. Now, they’ve taken the lessons they learned there and applied them to manufacturing their own lineup of CBD-infused goods such as topical salves.

How CBD Salves Can Help Ease Muscle Pain

In the latest episode of our How Hemp CBD Products Are Made series, we visit the Made By Hemp labs to learn how they choose all the ingredients in their CBD salve, from the hemp they source to plant oils like ginger and comfrey they pair it with. We’ll also get a look at how those products come together in a cohesive salve, and hear why their team thinks CBD topicals make such a great introduction for consumers who are new to cannabis.

Made By Hemp
Presented ByMade By Hemp
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