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Holiday Gift Ideas for Medical Marijuana Patients

December 1, 2016

  • Want to give the medical marijuana patient in your life a holiday to remember? These bubblers, vapes, bongs, pipes, e-rigs, and accessories should do the trick!
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    Helix Standard Basic Bubbler
    Made from a high-grade borosilicate glass, this bubbler features a fixed downstem and Grav Labs’ signature Helix Venturi Chamber to product a swirling yet cooling effect that looks cool and feels even better. Available with green, red, white, or black logos for a little bit of customization.
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  • 2/12
    Prometheus Pocket
    Offered in a variety of colors, this pipe is composed of borosilicate glass surrounded by an anodized aluminum shell, assuring that it can take a beating and still keep ticking. The stem unscrews from the bowl for easy cleaning, and the pipe's metal screen helps catch ash and debris while in use.
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  • 3/12
    Volcano Vaporizer Classic
    Vapor quality with the Volcano is unmatched. This desktop vaporizer has a huge chamber to fill with your ground herb of choice, and the balloon system helps you get a ton of vapor out of your cannabis.
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  • 4/12
    Silver Surfer Vaporizer
    The Silver Surfer Vaporizer delivers reliable vaping performance in an easy-to-use desktop package that features interchangeable covers and parts for a nice touch of personalization. It offers simple-to-read temperature knobs and a quick-heating, ceramic-coated chamber for even heating.
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  • 5/12
    Boss Vaporizer Pen
    This compact yet powerful vape pen is a great affordable option, offering a slim design and smooth vaping performance ground herb. It's the perfect portable vape to have in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
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  • 6/12
    Light Vaporizer Pen (Concentrates)
    Built for oil and wax concentrates only, the Light Vaporizer Pen features titanium heating technology in order to produce better tasting vapor at lower temperatures. Its extremely slim profile is perfect for discreet yet efficient use.
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  • 7/12
    Portable E-Rig
    This portable e-rig is compact enough to take anywhere and charges through a USB port. It takes only 30 seconds to heat to your desired temperature, then inhale through a borosilicate glass attachment to get full flavor out of your concentrates. Features a domeless titanium nail and carb cap/dabbing tool.
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  • 8/12
    4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter with Rotary Crank Handle
    This sturdy stainless steel 4-piece grinder with a rotary crank handle on top of the lid offers effortless grinding. No more twisting and turning thanks to the nifty crank that can help grind your herbs down into the chamber and kief sifter with ease. Available in various colors.
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  • 9/12
    SmellSafe HeadCase
    The SmellSafe HeadCase from Ryot offers a slightly bigger storage option for small water pipes, bubblers, portable vaporizers, and spoon pipes. At 6”x2.5”, it can be stowed and kept out sight as well as out of smell thanks to a microscopic carbon enclosure and sturdy, lockable zippers.
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  • 10/12
    Non-Stick Containers 5 Jar Set
    Containing and managing those super sticky concentrates can be frustrating. These silicone concentrate containers are platinum-cured in order to be sturdier, non-stick, odorless, and heat-resistant. Come in packs of 5.
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  • 11/12
    Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis
    Step up your cooking game and treat both your brain and your belly with some delicious infused recipes! Compiled by real-life chefs Mellisa Parks and Laurie Wolf, 'Herb' comes filled with over 200 pages of beautiful images and recipes for mouthwatering cannabis-infused meals.
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  • 12/12
    Marijuana-Themed Playing Cards
    It's your standard 52-card deck with a cannabis-themed design twist, as each card features beautifully illustrated original artwork with a stoner's take on traditional card graphics. The cards and graphics are printed on high-quality paper for a feel that is both playful and sophisticated.
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Don’t forget to check out our holiday gift suggestions for newcomers to cannabiscasual cannabis consumers, and advanced marijuana enthusiasts — you might find something that’s on your wish list, too! Happy holidays!

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