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How to Smoke Your Way Thru Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party

Published on July 20, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The people have been waiting a whole year and now it’s finally upon us: The Capitol Hill Block Party. If you don’t know, the CHBP is a music festival and block party held each July in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. There’s a six-stage setup of both indoor and outdoor venues; multiple beer gardens; a whole community full of positive energy; and for all of these reasons, you should definitely get high, not only before, but also while, and after attending it. I’m here to tell you how.

Before CHBP: White Widow Flower/Dab Session

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Starting around 4 o’clock on Friday afternoon, the festival offers 3 full days of performances ending each night with big name artists including Dillon Francis, BROCKHAMPTON, and Father John Misty. Because of that, you need a strain that causes a boost of euphoric energy, provoking an abundance of excitement prior to your arrival. BAM! That’s where White Widow, a top 5 pregame strain, comes into play. Available in multiple forms including pre-roll, flower, or concentrate, I’d suggest you get in a heavy flower or dab session prior to your arrival. It’ll have you floating through the streets/venues like a majestic butterfly.

During CHBP: Chernobyl Vape Cartridge/Edibles Session

Find Chernobyl at a Dispensary Near You

Eventually during the festival, probably after your 2nd beer and 3rd performance, you’re going to need to refuel your high. Because you’re inside the festival, you may not be able to light up some flower. In this instance, you should use an oil pen/cartridge or an edible. Of which strain? Chernobyl,  that’s which strain. Chernobyl promotes a dreamy high with long-lasting cerebral expects that will float you to a happy mood and relaxed mindset, pairing perfectly with the best-night-ever energy you’ll be experience at the Capitol Hill Block Party. Ingest some Chernobyl and get ready to dance/party the night away.

After CHBP: Purple Punch Flower/Dab Session

Find Purple Punch at a Dispensary Near You

Upon exiting the festival, maybe right after each night’s After-Hours Dance Party, you’re going to be so hype and full of energy. However, Seattle shuts down at 2am, so you won’t have anywhere to release that energy. Because of this, you’ll need a heavy flower or dab session with a strain that’ll sit you on your ass in a very chill mode, eventually sending you to Sleepland. Say hello to Purple Punch. Purple Punch is some GAS. It’ll punch you right in the nose, knock you back on the couch, grab your whole body, and there will be little-to-no movement for the next couple of hours. House of Cultivar makes a GREAT Purple Punch.

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