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Marley Natural’s New Smoked Glass Accessories Make a Statement

Marley Natural
Presented ByMarley NaturalPublished on December 13, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Marley Natural Smoked Glass acessories

This article is sponsored by Marley Natural, the official Bob Marley cannabis brand, offering cannabis, lifestyle accessories, and body care products that are responsibly sourced, integrity-driven, and crafted with awareness and respect.

Bob Marley was passionate about appreciating the beauty of the outdoors, living actively, and protecting the natural world, from his native Jamaica to the vibrant locales he visited on tour. The high regard Bob showed for all creation even shaped his relationship with his most famous inspiration: cannabis. That’s why a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is baked into the DNA of Marley Natural.

“For my father, herb was a spiritual thing that made him feel connected to God and the earth,” explains Cedella Marley, Bob and Rita Marley’s eldest daughter. According to Cedella, her father “embraced the herb like he embraced all natural things—with great respect.”

That respect shapes every aspect of operations at Marley Natural, which was founded to celebrate and spread Bob’s belief in the positive potential of the herb. The brand’s inaugural collection of cannabis products, smoking accessories, and body care items like lotions and salves launched last year in Los Angeles, and each product reflects a commitment to Bob Marley’s legendary values.

Marley Natural black walnut smoking accessories

Sustainably sourced woods are at the heart of Marley Natural’s Black Walnut Collection of smoking accessories. (Courtesy of Marley Natural)

Sustainable Smoking

When it comes to smoking accessories, Marley Natural is known for creating pieces that are produced sustainably but don’t sacrifice style. Its first line of accessories, the Black Walnut Collection, featured wood accents carefully sourced from sustainably farmed trees. As the brand developed its latest lines of smoking accessories, the team remained committed to operating sustainably while still producing elegant and functional pieces.

Smoking Accessories: Balancing Authenticity and Design in Trays, Pipes, Bubblers and More

Marley Natural’s new Smoked Glass Collection is a suite of richly tinted pipes, bubblers, tasters, and other accessories available online at the Marley Natural Shop. Introduced earlier this year, the collection effortlessly balances form and function for an elevated smoking experience. Each piece is made from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which holds up well to travel and heavy use, and is designed to fit comfortably in your hand as you enjoy the benefits of your herbs with every hit.

marley natural glass smoking accessories

Carbon offsets make sure that Marley Natural’s Smoked Glass line is kind to the earth, too. (Courtesy of Marley Natural)

Keeping Emissions in Check

Thanks to a partnership with the climate action organization CO2Logic, these pieces don’t just look good, they do good, too. Marley Natural partnered with the crew at CO2Logic to understand the environmental impact of producing the collection and to determine how to best offset that impact.

“CO2 emissions know no borders and have social and economic consequences for our civilization globally,” says CO2Logic US CEO Arnaud Brohé. “Companies like Marley Natural that work to reduce and offset their climate impact are not just talking about dedication to social justice and sustainable development, they are demonstrating it.”

Marley Natural and Harborside Health Center: A Philanthropic Cannabis Partnership

In partnership with CO2Logic, Marley Natural is offsetting its emissions by supporting non-profit companies that help design and distribute more efficient cook stoves to people in Uganda. Over the course of a year, a more efficient stove can keep almost three tons of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere. More efficient stoves can also help reduce the rate of respiratory ailments by improving air quality in homes. By supporting the non-profits that help develop these stoves, Marley Natural is able to keep its Smoked Glass Collection climate-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Rise Up

Making a new product line environmentally conscious is a major process for any company. But for Marley Natural, which has been dedicated to supporting social and environmental justice causes since it was founded, it’s second nature.

To help carry out Bob Marley’s message of positive change, Marley Natural created a social impact initiative called Rise Up that supports communities in Jamaica and the United States that have been impacted by cannabis prohibition. In Jamaica, Marley Natural supports several non-profits, including the Oracabessa Fish Sanctuary, a marine sanctuary and coral garden on Jamaica’s north coast where fishermen and conservationists work together to restore damaged coral reefs and protect them for future generations.

boats at Orcabessa fish sanctuary

Marley Natural supports projects like Jamaica’s Orcabessa Fish Sancturay. (Courtesy of Marley Natural)

Other projects supported include the Golden Valley Farmers Group and Farm Up Jamaica Ltd., which benefit local agriculture. According to Cedella, it is important that the brand continues to give back.

“People around the world listen to my father’s music because his message of unity, personal freedom and social justice is universal,” says Cedella. “Compassion for humanity is part of my father’s legacy, and it must always be a part of the Marley Natural brand.”

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Marley Natural
Presented ByMarley Natural
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