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Mexico Greenlights Country’s First 38 Cannabis Products

Published on November 30, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The CBD craze is officially coming to Mexico.

The country’s Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks (their version of the US Food and Drug Administration) last week approved 38 products containing the popular, nonintoxicating cannabinoid. Products including gummies, capsules, topicals, and even an infused energy drink will soon be available to consumers and medical patients, with no prescription necessary.

Seven companies have so far been approved to sell CBD oils, topicals, capsules, and infused foods and beverages: Finat México, Farmacias Magistrales (Master Farmacies), Acietes Orgánicos de América (Organic Oils of America), Med Mex, CBD Science, Endo Natura, and CBD Life. Four of those companies are based in Mexico, two are from the United States, and one is from Spain.

The approved products aren’t aimed at producing a classic cannabis high. THC levels are required to be less than 1%. For now, only a single company in Mexico, Farmacias Magistrales, is allowed to import raw materials to produce medical cannabis products that contain THC. Those products will be available only to patients with a prescription.

Here are the CBD products approved for retail sale:

Food Supplements

An array of CBD capsules, tinctures, and softgels will be available, allowing easy access for patients who treat conditions such as epilepsy or chronic pain.

Acietes Orgánicos de América (Organic Oils of America)

  • RHOil RSHO-X 5000 (oil with cannabis extract)

Med Mex

  • CBD softgels: 10 mg, 25 mg
  • CBD tincture: 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg

CBD Science

  • CBD oil: 8.33 mg/ml, 16.67 mg/ml, 33.33 mg/ml
  • CBD capsules: 26 mg

Endo Natura

  • CBD capsules: 20 mg, 35 mg, 50 mg

CBD Life

  • CBD tincture (orange flavor): 50 mg, 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg
  • CBD capsules: 5 mg, 15 mg, 25 mg


CBD Life, for now, is the only company approved to sell infused foods and beverages. Their greenlighted products include two types of gummies and a line of infused tea, lemonade, and energy drinks.

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CBD Life

  • Gummies (fruit flavors)
  • California black tea
  • Sugar-free California black tea
  • California lemonade
  • Sugar-free California lemonade
  • Rocket High (CBD-infused energy drink)
  • Sugar-free Rocket High


For pain, skincare, and other uses, CBD-infused topicals will be available in both balm and roll-on forms.

Acietes Orgánicos de América

  • CBD oil (RSHO) salve
  • Roll-on topical

CBD Science

  • CBD oil balm

CBD Life

  • CBD oil (RSHO) salve
  • Roll-on topical

Med Mex

  • CBD balm

Wholesale Cannabis Oil

Two companies will produce CBD oil to be used for the production of other medical and consumer products.

Finat México

  • CBD oil (82.7% CBD)

Farmacias Magistrales (Master Pharmacies)

  • CBD oil (80% CBD)

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