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Momenta & Ethan Zohn preach the power of holistic cannabis care

Presented ByMomentaPublished on July 28, 2022 · Last updated August 18, 2022
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Full-spectrum capsules, tinctures, and topicals from Momenta are here to help you build your best self. 

We’re on a new frontier when it comes to cannabis destigmatization, and one of the ways we’re seeing proof of that fact in popular culture is with athletes. A growing wave of professional athletes and wellness influencers are being vocal about the ways in which cannabis plays an essential role in their routines. Typical stoner cliches are far in the rearview when you hear well-respected athletes speak to how cannabis products have had huge, positive impacts on everything from workout recovery to chronic pain to anxiety management.

Among these adopters of cannabis-based wellness is Ethan Zohn, a former professional athlete, Survivor champion, two-time cancer survivor, and brand ambassador for Momenta, an imprint of the famed Trulieve family. Momenta works with experts in the medical field, the wellness community, and patients like Ethan to create cannabis products that can help anyone in their path to feel and perform at their best.

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Momenta is based on the belief that everyone, no matter their age, gender, or ability status, can benefit from the addition of cannabis wellness to their daily habits. The plant power cannabis supplies isn’t just available to influencers and pros—with Momenta’s suite of wholesome tinctures, topicals, and capsules, it’s easy to incorporate cannabis into an existing wellness routine.

The unstoppable Ethan Zohn 

Image courtesy of Momenta

The story of Momenta, and their total commitment to making plant power accessible to everyone, is the story of brand ambassador Ethan Zohn. Many recognize Ethan as the winner of Survivor: Africa, as a sports commentator, or from his time playing professional soccer. What you need to know about Ethan is his passion for promoting cannabis as a vital resource for recovery and wellness.

[Ethan] credits cannabis as an essential element in his recovery and ongoing wellness routine.

Beginning in 2009, Ethan was twice diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer, CD20+ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This aggressive cancer demanded an equally aggressive treatment response, and before long, Ethan was dealing with nausea, persistent pain, insomnia, and worse from chemotherapy and two stem cell transplants. These side effects, as well as the undeniable and understandable mental health challenges induced by the fight for his life, led Ethan to seek out cannabis as a natural remedy to the struggles he was presented with. What he found was that the organic relief THC and CBD provided gave him the strength he needed to carry on & keep fighting.

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Ethan has beaten cancer twice now. He credits cannabis as an essential element in his recovery and ongoing wellness routine. He maintains an active lifestyle, even repping Momenta at the Boston Marathon this year, and uses cannabis as both a pre and post-workout aid, and to help maintain his everyday balance. As a true believer in the healing power of the plant, Ethan is a perfect, natural representative for Momenta.

While cannabis is an effective wellness booster and can combat side effects associated with cancer, there is no scientific evidence that cannabis can treat cancer itself. Make sure to follow your doctor’s advice to develop a treatment plan that fits your medical needs.

Wellness that works for you

Image courtesy of Momenta

This type of community engagement is why Momenta is trusted to provide reliable THC and CBD products

Momenta takes pride in offering cannabis products that provide real relief to people like Ethan. The holistic benefits offered by their wide catalog can help lessen pain from both regular exercise or chronic illness, alleviate depression and anxiety, and combat persistent nausea or other nasty side effects associated with certain medical procedures. Any of these products can become an essential part of a daily wellness regimen for those with a planned routine in place or someone just starting out on the path to their best self.

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Momenta began offering many of these products, like their specially formulated RSO tinctures, after extensive conversations with doctors, patients, scientists, and athletes about how they could best serve their community. This type of community engagement is why Momenta is trusted to provide reliable THC and CBD products, and why passionate advocates for cannabis like Ethan Zohn choose to partner with them.

If you’re curious about what Momenta can add to any routine, you’re in luck—we’ve put together a rundown of Momenta’s roster, so you can find the holistic wellness that works best for you. 

Momenta RSO 

Image courtesy of Momenta

If you aren’t familiar, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) was developed by, you guessed it, Rick Simpson, as a remedy to help him through his own skin cancer. This incredibly potent, innovative oil is made from the whole cannabis plant, meaning that none of the medical benefits are lost in the extraction process. This provides a unique full-spectrum experience that’s been lauded by cannabis innovators for its powerful results both for medical cannabis consumers and those who use cannabis as part of a daily wellness routine. Incredibly versatile, RSO can be used as a topical, as an edible, or even smoked or dabbed (with some format-specific considerations).

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Momenta offers a 1g RSO syringe, currently available at Trulieve dispensaries in Massachusets and West Virginia, in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. And for customers in Florida, Momenta now offers a special RSO tincture that’s available in several flavors that give a tasty recipe remix to plain RSO’s traditionally pungent taste. These full-spectrum RSO tinctures can provide soothing relief that is easy to dose, and are available in a variety of different strains like Member Berry, Mandarin Dreams, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake, so you can fine-tune your experience. 

Momenta Muscle Gel

Momenta has raised the bar when it comes to this pain-relieving topical for their customers in their native Massachusetts and other select states. The wellness experts have developed a cooling gel that excels at remedying the aches and pains of aging or the soreness left behind after a long workout, without the euphoric effects cannabis is known for. This THC topical will penetrate sore muscles, delivering targeted relief that also soothes inflammation, relaxes muscles, and keeps you feeling tip-top. 

Momenta Capsules

Cannabis relief in a convenient format that fits in alongside morning vitamins or medication, these capsules provide plant power in a familiar form. Easy to dose and swallow, these capsules are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid variations. No matter which you decide, these convenient capsules will provide potent, long-lasting wellness in the morning or at nighttime. Available in both 10mg and 50mg varieties, if you’re interested in cannabis but don’t know where to begin, these capsules are a great place to start. 

Image courtesy of Momenta.

Ready to find out what people like Ethan Zohn already well-know, and experience what full-body wellness can mean with Momenta? You can follow Momenta on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated with Momenta’s new products and stay current on what Ethan’s up to. Readers in Florida, Massachusetts, and West Virginia can head to their nearest Trulieve dispensary and pick up Momenta products today.

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